Height 4 Hire – Supporting The McGrath Foundation

Our industry partner Height 4 Hire has painted their 500th machine pink in support of the McGrath Foundation. Height 4 Hire have recently acquired their 500th machine in the form of a new compact 14 scissor lift. They have pledged to contribute 20% of the hire cost of their new scissor lift to the McGrath Foundation. This is done in support of the McGrath Foundation’s effort to raise money to place specialist McGrath breast cancer nurses wherever they are needed.

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Height 4 Hire have been actively involved in many other efforts to raise money for the McGrath Foundation including a 22.5km hike in 2015 alongside in-house donations. They are hoping to reach their goal of $15,000 raised through the hire of their new scissor lift by breast cancer awareness month this coming October.

Not only will hiring their new scissor lift mean you are supporting a great cause, the compact 14 scissor lift also comes with many benefits of its own. The Compact 14 is a light machine that requires minimal transport costs. As the name suggests, the Compact 14 has a compact design that makes it ideal for use in high storage facilities or in buildings with high ceilings. Additionally, it has the highest load capacity on the market with a maximum capacity of 350kgs and the capability of lifting 3 people at a time.

If you have a job requiring up to a 14m working platform, hire a scissor lift from Height 4 Hire and help raise funds for the McGrath Foundation to support those suffering from breast cancer.

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