How Long Does Pallet Racking Last?

Pallet racking is one of the best ways to optimise storage capacity and improve the efficiency of operations in a warehouse. As such an integral part of any warehouse, it is important to know how long your racking system will last before it needs replacing.

Quality pallet racking systems are sturdy structures that, when used correctly, should last for years and years. In fact, any new pallet racking system manufactured by MACRACK comes with a lifetime guarantee.

However, there are many factors that contribute towards the lifetime of a racking system such as:


The environment in which a pallet racking system is installed can either extend or reduce the lifetime of the pallet racking system. Different racking systems use different types of steel depending on the environment they were intended for. This is why it is important to consider where you will be using your pallet racking system to ensure that you purchase a system that is suited to that environment.

Cold Room Racking

For example: Cold storage. Extreme temperatures can have adverse effects on pallet racking systems that are not designed to withstand the cold. This is because steel shrinks in extreme cold which can undermine the structural integrity of the system. This is one example of how ignoring the intended storage environment of your pallet racking system may result in system faults, failures and even collapse.

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Intended Use

As with any shelving system, it is important to use pallet racking only as intended by the manufacturer. Adhering to the supplied restrictions, such as the maximum shelf weight capacity, will extend the lifetime of your racking system.

Conversely, overloading shelves and exceeding weight limits can irreparably damage the pallet racking. Not only will misuse reduce the lifetime of the system, it can also lead to a racking collapse, thousands of dollars of damage and even staff member injuries.

Forklift Operation

pallet racking forklift operation

One of the most common ways that a pallet racking system can become damaged, or even collapse, is through a forklift collision. That is why ensuring that all forklift operators are licensed and up to date on their training is another way to extend the life of your pallet racking system.

Additionally, installing safety mirrors on both the forklift itself and at the end of each aisle will help to prevent accidents.

Warehouse Protection

Even with the most well trained forklift operators, accidents can happen. There are many pallet racking protection accessories that will protect against collisions and help to further extend the lifetime of the racking system including:

  • Angle Post Protectors
  • Rack Bollards
  • Frame End Guards
  • Corner Post Protectors
  • Drive-in Floor Channels
  • Narrow Aisle Guide Rails

Each of these racking accessories is designed to either divert or absorb the impact of a forklift collision, in order to protect the racking system.

For product descriptions of each item of warehouse protection mentioned above visit

Racking Inspections and Maintenance

pallet racking inspection Brisbane

Annual racking inspections are not only recommended to increase the lifetime of any pallet racking system. In accordance with Australian Standards “Racking should be inspected frequently for damage and overloading, and at least annually to check its integrity”.

Though only an annual inspection is required, it is beneficial to inspect the racking system for damage more frequently. A third party racking inspection can be especially beneficial in identifying any possible damage to your racking system.

MACRACK have been manufacturing pallet racking in Australia for over 30 years, so you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing when it comes to racking inspections. To organise a pallet racking audit for your warehouse call 1800 048 821.

MACRACK Lifetime Guarantee

In general, it is hard to put an exact value on the lifetime of a pallet racking system as there are many contributing factors. However, with MACRACK, you won’t have to worry about when you may need to replace your racking system.

This is because MACRACK offer a lifetime guarantee on all pallet racking systems we manufacture so that you will never have to worry about when your new system will eventually fail. To find out how we can custom build the perfect racking system for you, that will stand the test of time, call 1800 048 821 today.

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