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MACRACK is a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of longspan shelving Brisbane wide.
Our reputation of satisfied customers is built on high-quality products at competitive prices!

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All of our pallet racking systems are manufactured in Australia, from Australian steel to ensure
the highest quality finish for each system. With over 30 years of warehouse pallet racking and
industrial storage systems experience
, you can rest assured that your new longspan shelving
system will be built to last. And you don’t have to take our word for it – the lifetime guarantee on
all of our products speaks for itself!

What is Longspan Shelving?

Commonly referred to as heavy duty shelving, longspan shelving is essentially industrial
that can be extended or added to increase storage capacity. MACRACK stock a
range of longspan shelving suited to varying weight capacities. These include rivet shelving,
long span shelving, and industrial shelving.

Rivet Shelving – Rivet shelving is an affordable, basic style of longspan shelving. The system is
held together by beams with rivets locking the uprights into place. MACRACK offers rivet
shelving in a variety of sizes with beams ranging from 600mm to 1800mm in length. With a
maximum shelf capacity of 400kgs, our rivet shelving is highly versatile and can be used to
store anything from company products to archives and filing.

Longspan ShLongspan Shelving Brisbaneelving – Similar to rivet shelving, longspan shelving is both affordable and
versatile. With shared frames, each added fixture utilizes the frame of the previous fixture. This makes longspan shelving highly adaptable as new rows can be added or removed after the original system has been installed. The space-saving shared frames of longspan shelving also allows for maximum shelving capacity in any given space.

The maximum load capacity of a longspan shelf is 400kgs (UDL). The beams used in
MACRACK longspan shelving are 120mm long and mesh decks are used for shelving. Other
shelving, including particle board shelves, are also compatible with this system.


Industrial shelving – The most heavy duty of MACRACK’s longspan shelving options is the
industrial shelving. This system is extremely versatile with extendable rows and adjustable
shelves. Our industrial shelving systems can be built to your specifications and to any shelf
weight capacity you require.

This system is suited to a variety of shelving types including particle board, plywood, melamine,
steel and mesh shelves. Our industrial shelving systems are also compatible with pallet racking
and can be integrated if desired.

Call MACRACK today on 1800 048 821 for a free, no obligation quote on our custom longspan
shelving systems.

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What is Longspan Shelving used for?

Longspan shelving is highly adjustable and has many applications both commercial and
domestic. Commonly used to store a range of items from smaller boxes, files to long or bulky
goods, longspan shelving is very versatile. Longspan shelving is ideal for use in retail
stockrooms and picking warehouses. With easy aisle access to all stored items this system is
ideal for quick product turnover.


The MACRACK Product

Every pallet racking system built by MACRACK is built to meet and often exceed industry
standards. Our pallet racking systems are built from high quality Australian steel that you will
never need to replace. Each frame is built from cold rolled, pre-galvanised steel to ensure they
will never rust!

With MACRACK you won’t need to replace your pallet racking or longspan shelving due to rust
or wear. We don’t use imported steel and each system is built to the highest quality so you can
rest assured that each longspan shelving unit we produce is built to last.


Lifetime Guarantee

MACRACK Lifetime GuaranteeDon’t spend money replacing your racking systems every few years. MACRACK offer a lifetime
guarantee on every system we build, from longspan shelving to mezzanine floors. We have
each system independently tested and certified before sale so you don’t have to. Our lifetime
guarantee will have you feeling as confident in your new pallet racking system as we are.


Professional Installation

Looking for a new pallet racking system? Deal directly with the manufacturer. MACRACK have
you covered from design to installation. In addition to our pallet racking design and
manufacturing services, MACRACK offer professional installation on all of our products.

With 30 years of experience, our highly trained team can have your new pallet racking system
installed in no time. Call MACRACK today on 1800 048 821 to speak with a pallet racking
installation specialist.

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Free Quote & Design

MACRACK offer a free quote and design service for all pallet racking and warehouse
mezzanine floor systems. As part of our free quote service we can even meet with you onsite
and take measurements for a design layout.

You will be able to speak with one of our professional consultants to discuss personalised
racking and shelving options for your warehouse. And with our longspan shelving, once you
have decided on the width and depth you want we can quote you a price on the spot. To take
advantage of our free quote and design offer call 1800 048 821 or fill out our contact form.

If you need an affordable new shelving system with adjustable lengths and sizes, longspan
shelving could be the solution! MACRACK have longspan shelving with the option to add
shelves after the system is built. MACRACK is Australia’s number one pallet racking
manufacturer. Contact us today for high quality longspan shelving. From design to manufacture
and installation, MACRACK has got you covered.