Pallet Racking Standards AS4084:2012

Macrack Australia is fully compliant with the Australian Pallet Racking Standard AS4084 : 2012 Steel Storage Racking. ‘This standard sets out minimum requirements for the design, fabrication and erection tolerances, test methods, operation and maintenance of steel storage racking in the limit states method’.

‘Racking should be set up, operated and maintained according to the instructions of the racking manufacturer and be in accordance with AS 4084:2012 – Steel storage racking. It should be designed specifically for the size, shape and weight of the products being stored. Racking should also be compatible with the pallets and the material handling equipment used in the workplace. For example, aisle width should be matched to the turning circle of the forklift used for picking and replenishment. Any modifications should be checked by the original supplier/manufacturer/designer. If in doubt, seek advice from the racking manufacturer or installer, or a competent person with experience in racking design and construction’ – work safe Vic.


Other items that you must concern yourself with is pallet racking inspections and audits. These are a recommended to be conducted every 12 months by a competent person. This person could be your warehouse manager or someone from the pallet racking manufacturer.  Third party racking inspectors can give safety audits, but are not allowed to provide signage or give weigh loadings on a racking system. If you receive a racking audit from a third party, you should go to the manufacturer for carry out of repairs and ‘safe work load signs’, otherwise the information is not accurate and non-compliant to the standard.

If you would like to have an overview of the standards AS4084:2012 Steel Storage racking, look on the Macrack  website under ‘Safety and Standards’, where there is a downloadable PDF of VIC Safe’s guide to racking.

Alternatively if you would like to know more about AS4084 : 2012 Steel Storage Racking, call Macrack and discuss the issues further with our highly trained and qualified staff. 1800 048 821

If you need a pallet racking audit we are happy to help, and will be able to set up an onsite meeting with one of our auditors. 1800 048 821



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