Telco Storage Racking Case Study - Vision Stream

Telco Storage Racking Case Study- Vision Stream

How Racking and Shelving is bringing the NBN to life.

When you are setting up Australia’s telecommunication and IT networks you need to rely on your suppliers. That’s why vision stream uses and trusts Macrack for their pallet racking and heavy duty shelving.

Telco Storage Racking

Visionstream along with their customers develop genuine solutions that enhance the quality of Australian critical telecommunication and IT Communication.

They work with their clients (both in the private and public sectors) to solve the hardest challenges with network solutions, and thrive at solving all the issues.

Their unique end-to-end service spans from design through to installation and maintenance of this country’s most important TELE and IT infrastructure networks.

Like most company’s and suppliers, Visionstream needs to store bulk products and break them down to picking items for the installers and their individual projects/ daily runs. The best way to achieve this efficiently is to have pallet racking and utilise the space below for heavy duty shelving. With this configuration you are able to store item masses of items above but still have room where your storemen can pick from below.

Shelving by a Different name

Often referred to as;

  • Industrial Shelving
  • Heavy Duty Shelving
  • Warehouse Shelving
  • Picking bays
  • Long Span Shelving.

There are a thousand different styles, varieties, sizes and options to choose from, but at the end of the day, it’s all the same thing. It’s shelving that come with a weight loading (much greater than what you have at home) which allows you to operate safely in your warehouse/store room.

The style of shelving we decided that would fit Vision Stream best was to integrate shelving with pallet racking. That was they could have the best of both worlds at a minimum price, by utilising the frames for both purposes.

Long Span Shelving

Macrack supporting the NBN.

When it comes to building Australia, the companies within it and the people who reside in it Macrack is behind them 100% of the way. We manufacture all our product in Australia, and take great pride in doing so. That’s why when Visionstream said they wanted to expand we jumped on board and helped them out set up their new warehouses.

Fast roll out time

We cannot wait for the NBN and fibre optic networks to be rolled out into towns throughout Australia, that’s why we at Macrack did everything in our power to make sure Visionstream was up and running as soon as possible. With a lead time of 2 weeks, Macrack was able to be onsite installing the pallet racking and industrial shelving so Brisbane could be that one step closer to having super speed internet.

If they were to use another company, such as one that imports its products, they could have been waiting up to 12 weeks for a shipment to come through from overseas. We here at Macrack think that that waiting time is simply not feasible for today’s fast and exciting world. That’s why we manufacture here in Australia, allowing us to have lightning fast (NBN speed) turn over.

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