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What Is A-Frame Racking & What Is It Used For?

what is a frame racking

What is A-Frame Racking?

A-Frame racking is an industrial storage racking system designed for the vertical storage of long, firm, and lightweight items. A-frame racking is named for the shape of the system which resembles an ‘A’ or a sandwich board. In an A-frame racking system items are stored vertically, on the base of the system with the length of the item resting on the sloped frame.

A-frame racking is a great way to utilise the vertical space in a warehouse to increase the storage capacity for long, lightweight products.

What Is A-Frame Racking Used For?

A-frame racking can be used to store any long, rigid material including:

  • Ladders
  • Guttering
  • Decking
  • Steel Extrusions
  • Aluminium Extrusions
  • Plastic Extrusions
  • Lumber
  • Timber Dowels
  • Mouldings
  • Timber Trim
  • And More

A-frame racks are optimised for hand picking as different products can be divided into relevant categories such as colour, length, or size, using horizontal product separators.  

If you have large amounts of long product that can be stored vertically, A-frame racking could be right for your warehouse. Call Macrack today on 07 3343 9788 to discuss the best storage solution for your products with one of our racking experts.

What Is A-Frame Racking Used For

The Benefits Of A-Frame Racking


One great benefit of choosing a Macrack A-frame racking system is that our racking systems can be tailor made to suit your products and space. Our A-frame racks are available in two standard frame sizes, however, if you need a custom solution we can manufacture a tailored system for your business.

We also offer A-frame racks in both single sided and double sided configurations to fit your needs, whether you need aisles of storage or only one rack against a wall. We also offer horizontal product separators that can be used to divide different products, and are fully adjustable to be easily moved as your product range changes.

The benefit of a tailor made A-frame rack is that it is customised to suit the weight, size, and volume of your products to maximise storage.

Maximise Storage

When you need to store bulk amounts of long, lightweight products, A-frame racking is a great way to maximise storage. In most warehouses, the vertical space above a normal shelving system is left unused and wasted. However, with an A-frame rack, long products can be stored vertically to free up floor space for more products.

Storing long, rigid products vertically will help you to take full advantage of all of the space in your warehouse and increase the storage capacity.

Improve Picking Times

Not only can A-frame racking increase the storage capacity of a warehouse, it can also improve picking processes and increase productivity. This is because products stored in an A-frame rack can be separated with dividers allowing workers to easily locate, identify, and pick each item.

One of our most popular A-frame accessories are our horizontal product separators that can be used to improve the picking process by separating products into different sections based on length, colour, size, or material.

Cost Effective

A-frame racking is also a cost effective storage solution as it is built using the low cost materials of a standard racking frame.

Macrack offers high quality A-frame racking with a lifetime guarantee at a competitive price. Call us today on 07 3343 9788 for a free quote and warehouse design that will help you visualise how A-frame racking can work in your warehouse.