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Pallet Racking & Warehouse Storage Systems


Macrack manufacture and supply Pallet Racking and Industrial Shelving systems to warehouses Australia wide. As one of the most trusted brands on the market our reputation is based on the quality product that we produce, and hence we have a vast client base. Our pallet racking is made from Pre-galvanised steel which means it will never rust and hence we proudly offer a lifetime guarantee.

The great advantage Macrack has, is the ability to fabricate these racks to suit the customer, with odd shaped goods to store, or unique lengths and weights. Talk to Macrack about your product and the sales staff will be able to create a solution to suit your needs.

Racking measure

We give free Warehouse designs! Call us to talk about your Storage needs.

Are you looking for a industrial storage solution that is high quality, hassle free, 100% certified and has a lifetime guarantee? MACRACK Australia is the company that can do that for you and support you through the growth of your business. We are not only here with the highest quality pallet racking system available, we are also here to support you, and make sure you get what you want!

Other companies come and go, but you can be reassured that in years to come your pallet racking system will still be standing, and MACRACK will still be here to support you. We are proud 100% Australian owned company and have a 100% Australian manufactured product. Others claim that their product is made here, but they can’t show you their manufacturing facility! We can! You’re welcome to have a look through our warehouse.

We offer a free design service when you enquire about our racking systems, we will come out to you, measure your warehouse and discuss shelving and storage options that would best suit you.

Australia wide hot line 1800 048 921

Low Cost Pallet Rack

Buy direct from the Manufacturer and save big!

Because we manufacture our pallet racking in Brisbane, we can offer great rates on racking Australia wide. We have been producing our racking here for 30 years, so yes, that means we are and always have been competitive. All our prices are on application, so get on the phone today and will give you a really good price for some great quality racking.

Macrack Certified

Does your racking conform to latest standards? MACRACK does!

Pallet racking in Australia must conform to the latest standard which is AS4084 : 2012, Steel Storage racking. The Macrack pallet racking system does this with flying colours and often exceeds these standards. Not only that, but our Pallet racking and industrial shelving is independently certified and tested to ensure that only the highest quality storage systems leaves our manufacturing facility. Does your racking system conform? Ask Macrack for a Audit or Inspection of your Pallet Racking and shelving.

Lifetime Guarantee

Racking with a Lifetime warranty

Our product has a lifetime warranty. As we have been manufacturing pallet racking for 30 years, we have total confidence in our warehouse racking systems. The Macrack racking system is designed and engineered to last in the harsh warehouse environment, unlike other pallet racking company’s we proudly offer this lifetime warranty, on our products.

Key Hole Racking

Engineered excellence in Pallet Racking & Shelving.

The secret to MACRACK’s superior pallet racking system is the ingenious ‘keyhole’ design. Other companies use different shapes which tend to ‘stick’ in the frame and can cause fatigue to the upright over time. With a round surface to distribute the weight of the beam, we ensure maximum distribution of the load throughout the frame.

The rounded bottom of the ‘keyhole’ also allows for even distribution of weight into the uprights, increasing the weight load capacity. This is the engineering excellence that sets us apart from the competition.


Warehouse Storage Systems

As well as pallet racking we offer a wide range of other products for all your warehouse storage needs. These can be full customised to suit your particular product, but still remarkably inexpensive. Have a look below at our range, and see what will suit you.

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking – Great Quality pallet racking, with a lifetime guarantee.

Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor – Double or triple your floor space with a warehouse mezzanine.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Racking – Store long packs of product neatly and efficiently with a cantilever rack.

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving –
Small items and hand picking becomes easy with long span shelving.

Drive-in Rack

Drive-in Racking –
Great solution for high density bulk store, drive in racking maxamises your space.


Workbenches -Make sure that your warehouse has an industrial workbench for staff to pack and despatch goods.


Stillages –
Custom Stillages made to suit your exact needs, they are even stackable.

Furniture Rack

Furniture Racking –
Pick furniture and large bulky items with your stock picker from a Furniture rack.

Carpet Rack

Carpet Racking –
Maximise warehouse space by storing carpet and vinyl rolls horizontally.

Coil Rack

Coil Racking –
Put away heavy cylindrical product securely, with coil cradles.

Cable Racking

Cable Racking –
Maximise warehouse space by storing carpet and vinyl rolls horizontally.

A-Frame Racking

A-Frame Racking –
Store long product on its end with an A-Frame rack, comes with divisions and can be up to 5m in height!

Conduit Rack

Conduit Racking –
Store Conduit efficiently, but still allow a for hand picking with a conduit rack.

Tyre Rack

Tyre Racking –
Store tyres the smarter more efficient way with a tyre rack


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