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Saddlery Trading

Saddlery Trading – Multi-Tier Pallet Racking Case Study

With over 17,000 products lines, Saddlery Trading Company needs an innovative and seamless storage solution for their warehousing and distribution. By supplying STC with everything they need for daily operations, MACRACK allows for an efficient workflow.

We achieved this by working closely with STC to understand how their company operates, and what their end-of-day goals are.

saddlery mezzanine floor stairs
Warehouse Mezzanine NSW

STC has been providing equestrian products to Australian and international retailers for more than 40 Years. With over 800 stores throughout Australia, including local outlets as close as Caloundra, they are one of the most recognisable saddlery brands in the country.

Raised Storage Area

Often referred to as warehouse mezzanines, raised storage areas are a great solution for companies who need a lot of picking area for small parts. For companies like STC, these parts can range from a large horse saddle through to small tags and keyrings.

raised storage area allows maximum exposure of shelving directly to warehouse staff in a minimum space. Instead of having to walk metres to reach a product, staff can simply move to another level of the mezzanine floor and have access to a whole new range of product.

Despatching from a Mezzanine.

MACRACK can install added features to make dispatching from mezzanine storage even easier. These include:

  • Slides
  • Shoots
  • Conveyors
  • Rollers
  • Pallet gates.

Why put extra effort into your operations when you could utilise a fun and effective method of dispatch like a slide?

STC uses a steel slide that is accessed by all 3 levels of their raised storage area. This slide allows staff to pick from one level and shoot the goods down to ground level, where they are packed and dispatched, without the extra effort of going up and down stairs.

Loading a Mezzanine (Pallet Gate)

From their bulk storage area, where STC has MACRACK Pallet Racking, they are able to feed bulk product into their raised storage area via pallet gates. Each level has two pallet gates, so if one gate already has product that is being unpacked from the pallet and into the shelving systems, another gate is still free to use. This allows the best access possible when a large amount of stock needs to be replaced.

This option gives you the freedom of increasing productivity and product flow without reducing the access of personnel.

MACRACK has a variety of pallet gates on offer including:

  • Up ‘ N ’ Over Gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Drop gates
  • Hinge gates
  • Double wide gates.
Pallet gate
mezzanine floor gate

Your warehouse storage solution will be customised according to how you operate and the physical restrictions within your warehouse. We’re happy to design a tailored solution for your business – simply get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your needs.