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TJM – Automotive Parts & Product Racking Case Study

If you are an off-road enthusiast, you will be familiar with TJM because they are the largest supplier of bullbars and off-road equipment in Australia. So when TJM needed warehousing, they choose the company who has a racking as tough as their bullbars, Macrack. Utilising a Narrow Aisle Racking system they can easily pick large items, and pull them onto a stock picker. This is a great advantage for TJM, because their product doesn’t suit the typical pallet racking system.


Humble Beginnings

In the 70’s when 4WD’s were few and far between, three adventure seeking mates got their ‘off road thrill’ with customised Volkswagen Beetles supped up as beach buggies. Each fitted with custom made bull bars, roll bars and sand tyres – they drew the attention of friends and bystanders. Before long, Lloyd Taylor, Cliff Jones and Steve Mollenhauer were making hand-made custom bars for a growing number of fans.

In 1973, with little more than their combined initials, shared passion and appreciation for quality products – TJM was founded and the rest is history.

TJM have warehouses and outlets Australia wide including a local warehouse in Brendale.

Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is a generic term for pallet racking with board on the beam levels in order to create oversized shelves for bulk goods. It can be to store small boxes, furniture, whitegoods, car parts, wine, or in this case bull bars. Car parts and bull bars specifically come on long odd shaped boxes, and you can probably tell just by looking at one it’s an odd shape.

So when TJM needed to store these on mass, we came up with a deep industrial shelving system for them. Some racks were 3000mm deep others only 1800mm deep, but all had board on the shelves in order to store these parts correctly, and without possibility of damaging the product.

Industrial Shelving Brisbane

The problem with pallet racking is that it would be extremely inefficient, losing a lot of space around the items, which in turn means storing less stock.

Custom Coloured Racking

Having great pride in their product, corporate image and staff TJM wanted their racking to be painted in their official colours. Macrack is the ONLY racking company who can do this. Any colour you want we can paint the racking to match. This gives great visual effects when your warehouse is on display to the public. It takes what is ordinary function equipment and turns them into amazing feature pieces.

Narrow Aisle Racking
industrial shelving

Narrow Aisles Racking

The name implies exactly what this system is, it’s a storage system where you utilise a narrow aisle to maximise warehouse capacity, and create extra shelf storage. You don’t use a regular forklift for this system, instead you operate a ‘Stock picker’. A stock picker is a machine who’s platform raises up and down, staff go up and down with it and use the platform as a kind of gangway picking from each level.

For TJM this is a great solution because the bull bars (and other car parts) can be handpicked onto the platform and then driven out on the stock picker for despatch. It’s a win win.

Expanding your warehouse storage

When a region expands and TJM needs to store more product in a warehouse, they simply add on extra bays of racking, or even create another run. It’s simply and easy and doesn’t interrupt daily operations. This is because Macrack’s Narrow Aisle system is designed to be universal and added to over time. So you don’t have to buy a full warehouse worth of racking as you are starting up, you can simply add to it as your business grows!

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