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Arnott’s – Food Grade Production Racking

food grade pallet racking

As one of Australia’s favourite food brands, it is vital for Arnott’s to have warehouse systems that are designed to efficiently support the daily operations and growth of the booming business.

Baking for over 150 years from humble beginnings in Newcastle, NSW, Arnott’s now controls a huge section of the biscuit and cracker markets in the Australian and Asia Pacific regions.

With Arnotts factories across Australia, including a North Brisbane Factory in Virginia, Arnotts continue to produce Australia’s favourite biscuits. From Iced VoVos to Shapes, Arnott’s continues to delight children and adults alike with their famous Aussie classics.

MACRACK has proudly worked with the iconic Australian brand to deliver customised warehouse storage and drive in racking to meet the company’s needs and optimise productivity.

Looking into the future

As a progressive company that evolves with the times, Arnott’s targets upcoming trends in the industry and searches for opportunities to grow. This means they have to be flexible with all aspects of production, warehouse storage and outbound logistics. MACRACK ensures that the adequate amount of storage is available to support workflow in the warehouse.

Our client-based design service allows us to engage with the client and provide a result that best works for them. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge that they are willing to share with clients to help them make the most informed decisions for their business.

Customisation and Specialised racking

Every company’s warehouse storage needs are different. With our tailored designs, Arnott’s is able to customise their racking to suit certain requirements imposed on them by workplace health and safety, food standards, odd-shaped pallets and physical warehouse restraints.

As MACRACK manufactures in Brisbane, we are one of the only pallet racking companies that is able to custom manufacture racking to suit obscure sizes and requirements.

Our design team works tirelessly to guarantee the racking systems we produce are to the highest quality and best utilise warehouse space. This enables us to be flexible and create solutions for your individual storage problems.

We believe there is always a solution, offering a high attention to detail and a strong drive to make functional racks that are easy to use.

Safety and Racking Audits

AS4084-2023 - Pallet Racking Standards

According to the latest standards in pallet racking, AS4084: 2012 Steel Storage Racking, your warehouse requires an audit every 12 months. This is to confirm the racking is maintained in an acceptable state and any damage to the racking system is repaired, reducing the risk to both the staff and product. Arnott’s has MACRACK perform yearly audits on their steel storage systems as part of their workplace health and safety operations.

These audits ensure the personal safety of the workers as well as saving beloved pallets of Tim Tams from accidental disaster!

Racking in Food Preparation Areas

Being in an industry that provides human consumables and is strictly controlled by standards, every effort is made to safeguard health and cleanliness. MACRACK worked with Arnott’s to develop a variation on drive in racking to reduce area for food stuffs to be caught.

By blocking off all potential crevasses and holes, and ensuring that if a component wasn’t completely sealed it was easy to clean with flat surfaces, we helped to reduce potential build-up over time and allow for a cleaner environment with a decrease in contaminates.

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