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There are several factors to consider before purchasing pallet racking for your warehouse. It is important to take into account the product you will be storing and how your business operates. As no two businesses are the same, nor do two warehouses function the same, you should avoid the ‘one size fits all’ approach when looking for warehousing storage.

MACRACK has been designing and manufacturing customised pallet racking for businesses in Brisbane and all of Australia for over 30 years. We can create a warehouse storage system that meets your needs and works best for your business.

Understanding your business, storage and picking needs is key to designing the ideal pallet racking system for your warehouse. Things to consider are:

  • How quickly does your product turn over?
  • Is there fast and slow product?
  • Will you require a staging area?
  • What will be the movement around the warehouse?
  • Which type of racking do you need? Will standard racking suit?
  • What type of forklift do you have? What’s its turning circle?
  • What is the ideal amount of storage?
  • What size are your packs?
  • What are your constraints? Schedule? Downtime? Budget? Floor space?

warehouse tips
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80/20 Rule

Most companies, whether retail, industrial or commercial, follow the ‘80/20 rule’ (also known as Pareto’s Principle). This is the theory that 20% of your product makes up for 80% of your turn over.

Considering this principle, how does your product move off the shelves?

Should you keep the high-turnover product close to dispatch?

Should you have a main aisle containing high-turnover product?

MACRACK can tailor a warehousing storage solution based on the requirements of your business to help increase productivity and assist with picking operations.

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Discuss warehouse storage with key figures in your company

When contemplating your new warehouse fitout, you should include all key stakeholders in the process of the project. This includes forklift drivers, warehousemen and company directors.

Understanding the opinions and needs of the people on the ground is crucial for creating a practical and functional storage system. Your company directors will guide you with a budget, timeframe and future goals for the project.

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Pick the racking system that suits your product

Measure your product dimensions and the weight before you start thinking about racking. By specifying whether your product is on a pallet or not, or if it requires a long pallet, we can begin to design a rack that suits your product.

Measure your warehouse

When you measure your warehouse, don’t forget to look up! Often people only measure the width and length of the warehouse and forget other important measurements, including building columns, fire hydrants and doors.

Do you want the racking to go outside? If so, it’s prudent to opt for galvanised racking to ensure it lasts. Galvanised racking never rusts, and when you are storing tons of weight on a rack, rust can become a real issue.

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Assembly and Installation of Racking

It is strongly recommended that your racking is installed by professionals to avoid the risk of incorrect installation.

Correctly installed racking:

  • Is plumb and level
  • Is square
  • Is securely dyna-bolted to the ground
  • Has correct beam levels for your Safe Work Load signs
  • Has correct footplates
  • Has new row spacers to suit AS4084: 2012.

Second Hand Racking

While cheap second-hand racking may be appealing to your budget, it will often cost you more than it would to purchase a brand new, high-quality system in the first place.

Second-hand racking may no longer be certifiable to the latest standards AS4084: 2012, which leaves you in a liable position. As you may not know what brand your second-hand racking is, it may not be compatible with your current system. Avoid the uncertainty of second-hand racking and opt for a reliable MACRACK racking system that is tailor-made for your warehouse.

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