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Our Clients

Case Studies and Warehouse Storage Success

MACRACK has a nationwide customer base covering a diverse range of industries. Thanks to our ability to meet and exceed expectations, we have accumulated a huge collection of client case studies.

Our clients are extremely satisfied with the warehousing storage systems that we have provided, and they are happy to share their stories and recommend our services to others. Delivering a quality product with genuine support has helped to build these strong client relationships.

Solid Relationships

Exceptional customer service is the true key to our success, allowing us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. The trust we have built with our clients and our second-to-none service are what sets us apart from the others.

We enjoy an endless collection of loyal customers who have trusted us with their business for years, and even decades in some cases. If your business is looking for pallet racking in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia, you can rely on MACRACK to help you expand your business with sincere support.

Continued Warehouse Support

Proudly manufacturing in Australia for more than 30 years, MACRACK intends to continue to provide Australian businesses with the highest quality warehouse storage systems in the country for many years to come.

Some other racking suppliers seem to open and close within a matter of months, leaving clients unable to get certification on their products and unable to get replacement parts or to expand their system.

We take our responsibility to help our clients continue to grow very seriously, developing relationships with individuals and not seeing any client as ‘just another job’.

Reassurance of Quality

With its lifetime guarantee and its AS4084 (Australian Standard: Steel Storage Racking) certification, the MACRACK product is strongly sought after and relied upon.

Other racking companies change the design of their racking system every couple of years, no longer supporting their older systems. This leaves their clients exposed once the standards change, and lost if they need replacement parts. MACRACK has remained steadfast and we continue to support every item in our product range.

Racking Knowledge

Our valued staff have a great depth of knowledge and experience in pallet racking and warehousing storage systems. They are all highly experienced in warehouse design, each possessing a dedication to MACRACK and a drive to excel. Their experience is based on years of training, installing, product design and engineering.

You can rest assured that your client liaison will be there to support you in the years to come, because MACRACK is supportive of all team members and strives to offer clients the most expert professionals in the industry.

Be inspired by how our clients are using MACRACK racking in their warehouse spaces.

If you’d like to have a tour through one of our client’s warehouses, give us a call and we will show you what’s on offer. Call today: 1800 048 821.

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