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Parmalat – Dairy Industry Storage & Racking Case Study

Parmalat is a well-know national dairy company that was founded in South Brisbane in the 1930’s. As Australia’s leading dairy company, Parmalat has been well-respected across the nation for over 80 years. One of the country’s favourite food companies, Parmalat sets high standards for their product to constantly prove their superiority to their customers. Parmalat and MACRACK have this in common, each focused on offering the best product possible.

Parmalat Drive In Racking South Brisbane

Racking Solutions for Every Operation

Parmalat’s production facility requires a wide range of storage systems, as they deal with their product from a raw stage through to full distribution.

Raw Ingredients:

Pallet racking is used for all the raw goods. These goods come in palletised form and need to be stored for each product line. The flavourings, additives, preservatives and other items need to be stored in a way that makes them readily accessible, making pallet racking the ideal solution.

Racking Drive In

Parmalat have utilised a push back racking system in their packing area. This system makes the most of the tight spaces on their old site while allowing them to use the same forklifts on all of the racking throughout the warehouse.


Drive in racks are great for large amounts of stock that isn’t susceptible to time. Parmalat uses drive in racking to store all the empty bottles that come in from the packaging companies. Often there is a truckload of bottles that needs to be set aside until they do a production run of that particular line of product. Drive in racking is perfect for storing items in bulk until they’re needed for use.


When all the product is packed and ready to be dispatched, drive in racking is a great solution for storing dispatch lots. Parmalat makes use of their drive in racking to organise full truckloads into individual bays. You can also pick from multiple locations, saving time and effort with a large stockpile.

Warehouse Drive In
Drive In Racks Food and Drink

Trust and Reliability

Being part of the historic Brisbane landscape and having such iconic products that all Australians know and love, Parmalat trusts and relies on fellow Australian manufacturers and farmers. So when it comes to storing their products, they rely on Australian-owned and operated MACRACK.

With our lifetime guarantee and unsurpassable reputation, you can trust MACRACK for your storage needs. Contact our friendly team to discuss a solution for your needs today.