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Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman – Furniture Storage Racking Case Study

As Australia’s largest retailer of furniture, electronics, whitegoods and homewares, Harvey Norman needs warehouse racking they can rely on. With multiple warehouses in Brisbane alone including Macgregor and Zillmere locations, Harvey Norman constantly requires new creative storage solutions tailored to suit their products. This is why they choose MACRACK for their warehouse storage solutions.

Harvey Norman trusts MACRACK to supply warehouse racking and support the 280+ stores that make up the Harvey Norman holdings empire, including Joyce Mayne, Domayne, School Locker and Big Buys.

Furniture racking Australia
Harvey Norman Warehouse Zillmere

Furniture Racking

Harvey Norman warehouses are mostly made up of narrow aisle racking, or furniture racking, perfect for storing furniture items. This system requires a stock picker instead of a forklift, allowing the driver to move up and down on a platform and pick stock from furniture racking that resembles large pigeon holes.
The shelves are at the same level as the stock picker, so the driver can pick stock from their platform and pull it onto their machine. This maximises vertical space, especially when storing furniture and other bulky items, as it increases the warehouse square meterage.

Furniture racking also decreases the risk of damage to the racking system. The guide rail along the ground prevents the stock picker from moving left or right and interfering with the racking. Sometimes the stock picker can even have a wire-guided system, where the picker is automatically steered by a wire implanted in the ground. This makes the possibility of damage to the racking system highly unlikely.

Safety and Security

Storing expensive goods such as electronics, whitegoods, computers, and home theatres can be a delicate process. These warehouse areas need to be accessible by staff while remaining secure from outsiders with the ability to be locked up at night.

Furniture Racking Macgregor

MACRACK has installed a security cage area in most Harvey Norman stores to keep their valuable products safe and secure. These cages have magnetic locking doors for extra security.

The areas where expensive goods are stored is completely fenced in with a high-grade mesh secured directly to the racking.

Racking relocation

When you have as many warehouses as Harvey Norman does, it pays to have a system that is universal for all stores. Harvey Norman has furniture racking and pallet racking throughout their stores in Brisbane and across Australia.

narrow aisle rack

If a Harvey Norman warehouse was to close down, they could use its racking in another store or easily relocate to a new industrial premise without much reconfiguring. This is convenient for staff, ensuring they familiarise themselves with one set system.

Go Harvey Go!

Harvey Norman continues to expand with MACRACK as its brand of choice for warehouse storage systems. Our continued relationship indicates that MACRACK is trusted by one of Australia’s largest companies, making us the go-to pallet racking supplier for all Aussie businesses.

Get in touch with the friendly team at MACRACK to discuss a tailored storage solution for your business today.