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Based and manufactured in Brisbane we proudly service clients Australia wide. MACRACK is one of Australia’s leading pallet racking companies, producing strong and durable industrial pallet racking systems that last. Our 40 year strong success can be accredited to our quality Australian-manufactured product, which holds a confident lifetime guarantee on any product we manufacture for your business.


We are proud to be a 100% Australian-owned company with a 100% Australian-manufactured product. We design and manufacture our warehouse pallet racking and shelving in Brisbane


This sturdy build, combined with pre-galvanised steel to prevent rust, allows us to offer something most competitors never could: a lifetime guarantee for any product we manufacture for your business


As experts in storage and shelving, we know a thing or two about warehouse efficiency. We provide a free warehouse design service and advise you on the best storage solutions to suit your unique business needs

Pallet Racking Made In Brisbane

Warehouse Storage Solutions.

Pallet racking and warehouse storage are critical to your business success. Get racks you can count on from a manufacturer you can trust: let MACRACK handle all your warehouse storage and racking needs.

We have been manufacturing pallet racking for 40 years, and we have total confidence in our warehouse racking systems. The MACRACK system is designed and engineered to last in the harsh warehouse environment. Call us today to take advantage of our free warehouse design service.

Pallet Racking Brisbane

We confidently offer you:

  • A lifetime guarantee
  • No international shipping lead times
  • Great Customer Service

  • Tailored Designs
  • Fully certified racking
  • Expert advice

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    Experience the Macrack difference

    Australia’s Leading
    Pallet Racking Manufacturer.

    We are proud to provide a 100% Australian-manufactured product and with our commitment to quality and engineering excellence, you will see the genuine Macrack difference.

    We’re so confident in the quality of our product that we offer a lifetime guarantee for any product we manufacture for your business.

    Servicing clients big and small. With a reputation as solid as our racking solutions its no wonder we’re trusted by Australian household brand names to supply them with their warehouse storage solutions.

    We manufacture everything here in Australia at our manufacturing plant. We have engineers, CAD designers, roll-form runners, fabricators and boiler makers, a whole team at your disposal. So instead of being forced into a storage solution that doesn’t suit you, we make a solution that is designed to perfectly suit you and your storage needs.

    We offer all the standard range of pallet racking and storage equipment, but we can also make a tailored solution to suit anything out of the ordinary without the extra costs. Does that sound like something you need? If so, we would be happy to help.

    Do you need pallet racking fast? We manufacture our entire product range in Australia and therefore we don’t have international shipping lead times. You can place an order and get it in a matter of days! Can any other company offer that service? We don’t think so.

    If you need warehouse storage quick, call us now! We will help you get what you need fast!

    Our commitment to quality, safety and excellence has established us as one of the most trusted pallet racking manufacturers in Australia. We have a reputation as solid as our racking solutions, so you can rely on us to supply you with premium shelving and storage products.

    That’s not all – our warehouse racking systems are made from pre-galvanised steel, meaning they will never rust. This is why we can proudly and confidently offer a lifetime guarantee.

    As a genuine pallet racking manufacturer in Brisbane, MACRACK has a team of highly qualified pallet racking experts. Our team is available for installation services on any of our pallet racking systems.

    Pallet racking installation doesn’t have to be painful. Our experienced team is also available throughout Australia for pallet racking relocation including uninstalling your current pallet racking and reinstalling it to the highest standard in your new location. Contact MACRACK today to discuss our expert racking installation service and take the stress out of relocating.

    Pallet racking in Australia must conform to the latest standard (AS4084-2023, Steel Storage Racking). The MACRACK system passes (and often exceeds) the requirements with flying colours. Not only that, but our pallet racking and industrial shelving is independently certified and tested to ensure that only the highest-quality storage systems leave our manufacturing facility.

    Does your current racking system meet Australian standards? Ask us for an audit or inspection today and our experts will see if your warehouse is up to scratch!

    Because we manufacture our pallet racking in Queensland, we can offer great rates on warehouse solutions throughout Australia. We have been producing our racking here for 40 Years; our prices are – and always have been – very competitive. Our systems are all custom-quoted, so get on the phone today and we will give you a great price for some top-quality racking!

    Ongoing Service 

    Warehouses racking should be audited every year according to the Australian Standards. MACRACK offer an auditing service where we come out and independently inspect your warehouse racking, high-lighting all damage and issues.


    Australian Standard ‘AS4084-2023 Steel Storage Racking’ is the design standard that MACRACK conforms to. All the pallet racking we produce is certified to this standard. If you need more info on the standards call and we will talk you through specifications.

    We offer a full installation service and also relocation service. If you need your racking installed or are moving warehouse we can provide full costings to take down, relocation, install and re-certification.

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    Warehouse Storage Systems

    As well as pallet racking, we also offer a wide range of other products for all your warehouse storage needs, established in 1983 we have 40 years of manufacturing experience and no challenge is too hard. Each system can be fully customised to suit your particular product, but they will always remain affordable. Check out our wide range to see what will suit your business and storage needs.

    Selective Pallet Racking Brisbane


    The cheapest and most common form of storing pallets.

    Macrack offers a huge range of pallet racking options including heights, weights, widths, configurations. In stock and ready to go, if you need a lot or a little we can quickly supply you.

    More on Selective Racking

    Double Deep Racking Brisbane


    Allows you to store pallets 2 deep, accessing them with a pantographic forklift.

    If you want to maximise your warehouse space, have a look into deep store, where you could double your warehouse capacity in the same size area by having a second set of racks directly behind the first.

    More on Double Deep Racking

    Pushback Racking Brisbane


    Last in first out (LIFO) system of storing pallets using mechanical carts that push back.

    This storage system is perfect for storing multiple lines of pallets when that need to be readily accessible. Store 2-6 pallets deep, but always load and unload from the front of the rack, as each pallet pushes back and rolls forward when the front is taken out.

    More on Push Back Racking

    Drive In Racking Brisbane


    The most space efficient way to store pallets.

    Drive in allows you to store pallets in 3 dimensions; sideways, up & down, back & forth. Actually driving into the racking system you can access a huge amount of pallet without the need for aisles.

    More on Drive-In Racking

    Pallet Flow Racking Brisbane


    First in first out (FIFO) Pallet racking. Where the pallet are fed in from the back and roll to the front on industrial tracks.

    If you need to constantly turn over your product or need to increase your efficiency, Pallet flow might be the way to go. A true FIFO solution to pallet storage. Store up to 20 pallets deep and have them constantly turning over.

    More on Pallet Flow Racking

    Narrow Aisle Racking Brisbane


    Narrow Aisle or Furniture Racking is a system specifically for large cumbersome product.

    Essentially a large scale pigeon hole rack allows a stock picker to move through the aisles as well as up and down rack accessing each bay. Storing bulky items, but having minimal aisle space.

    More on Narrow Aisle Racking

    Industrial Racking Brisbane


    If you need extra shelving in your warehouse we have a huge variety to choose from.

    Cheap economical solution for some heavy duty shelving systems, choose sizes, heights, weight capacities and what type of shelving. Timber shelves, Mesh shelves, Steel Shelves great way to get some more storage.

    More on Industrial Shelving

    Longspan shelving Brisbane


    Cheaply and efficiently store small parts in what is described as a scaled down version of pallet racking.

    Standard shelving units that are about head height with 3-8 shelf levels per bay. Very cost effective way to increase hand picking storage. Simple to assemble yourself, and easily adjustable.

    More on Long Span Shelving

    Tyre Racking Brisbane


    Store all your car, truck and bike tyres in an orderly and efficient way.

    Keep all your tyres neatly stacked away with a tyre rack. Have as many levels of tyres stored as you need, they sit firmly in the rack between two beams, which keeps them separated and efficiently stored.

    More on Tyre Racking

    Cantilever Racking Brisbane


    Store long packs of timber, extrusions and pipe.

    Cantilever racking system allows the storage of long items because the body is set behind the arms of the rack. It’s very flexible for storing odd shaped items and very particle, maximise your floor space with cantilever racking.

    More on Cantilever Racking

    Steel Coil Racking Brisbane


    If you have steel in a coil, you can increase your storage capacity with Coil Racks.

    Using the same design as pallet racking, Coil Racks are designed to take steel or aluminium coils. Any size, shape, or weight, its customised to suit your product.

    More on Steel Coil Racking

    Cable Racking Brisbane


    Storing cables drums of all shapes and sizes.

    If you have electrical cable drums or any product that comes on a roll/spool, cable racking is perfect for you. Store your drums and at the same time be able to unwind them. All sizes and weights can be catered for.

    More on Cable Racking

    Carpet Racking Storage Brisbane


    Like the name implies Carpet racks are perfect for storing Carpet and Vinyl.

    Much like a large pigeon hole rack, carpet racks allow you to store rolls of carpet on a shelf. These can be easily accessed at any point and allow for high density storage capacity.

    More on Carpet Racking

    A-Frame Racking Brisbane


    Store extrusions or lengths of material upright, leaning on an industrial A-Frame.

    If you need to store lengths of mouldings, extrusions, pipe or timber, try A-frame racking. This system allows you to access each single extrusion independently, and keeps them neat and separated. Perfect for hand picking, manufacturing industries.

    More on A-Frame Racking

    Sheet Racking Brisbane


    Sheet racking is a pallet racking derived system designed for the storage of sheet materials such as sheet metal, wood, and plastic. Sheet racking can be customised to fit a wide range of sheet materials of varying weights, lengths and widths

    More on Sheet Racking

    Warehouse Pallet Racking Protection Brisbane


    Protect your racks from being damaged by forklifts and MHE.

    We have a huge range of protective items to prevent forklifts and other mechanical equipment damaging the racks. Dependant on what you need we will have a solution.

    More on Warehouse Protection

    Raised Storage Areas and Warehouse Mezzanine Floors Brisbane


    Expand your floor space by putting in a warehouse mezzanine floor.

    Design and engineered to suit you and your storage needs, tailor make it to work with your operations. 1 level, 2 levels, 3 levels anything is possible. Comes with stairs, pallet gates, built in shelving and hand rails.

    More on Raised Storage Areas

    Free Warehouse Layout Racking Design Brisbane


    As experts in storage and shelving, we know a thing or two about warehouse efficiency. We provide a free warehouse design service and advise you on the best storage solutions to suit your unique business needs

    More on Free Warehouse Design

    Custom Pallet Racking Brisbane & Australia

    At MACRACK, our greatest advantage is the ability to fabricate racking systems to suit the customer, with no need to wait for international shipping lead times. Whether you have odd-shaped goods to store or unique length/weight requirements, we can custom-design the ideal pallet shelving warehouse solution for your business. Contact us today about your needs and our friendly staff will work with you to create the perfect warehouse storage system.

    Pallet Racking FAQ

    Macrack manufactures its entire product range in Brisbane, from our HQ and have done so for the past 40 years. We don’t import any items from overseas like majority of the other racking companies. We support the Australian manufacturing industry and are very proud of our Australian made quality.

    Yes. Macrack has been designed and engineered to conform to all Australian standards. The Pallet racking standard used in Australia is;

    Under the standard ONLY the manufacturer can provide weight loadings and performance criteria. However, anyone is allowed to inspect the racking system for damage, and we encourage that the warehouse manager to take on this role, instead of 3rd party inspectors. It is mandatory under the standards the you have your racking inspected on a 12month basis to ensure that your racking is still safe and free from damage, you must do this is order to conform to the latest standards.

    Macrack also provides an auditing service, and are happy to inspect your racks.

    Australia Wide. Macrack has installation teams in each major city in Australia. We can also put you in touch with your nearest sales person, which ever city you are in.

    No. You cannot use different brands of racking with each other. They must be separate systems.

    Eg: Using Macrack frames with another brands beams is against the standard, cannot be certified, and is very dangerous.

    No, all our products are ‘price on application’ (POA). But don’t despaire, we are willing to give you a price over the phone. No job too big or small.

    » If it’s in stock, straight away!

    » A few days for a couple of miscellaneous items.

    » It will take about a week for a small warehouse.

    » A couple of weeks for larger warehouses.

    Asian imported racking not only uses lower quality steel, the companies that manufacture it are fly by night companies. So when you want to reconfigure your racking system, or move warehouses, or buy more, you are out of luck! You are left with an expensive pile of scrap metal that Workplace Health & Safety won’t sign off on.

    Don’t panic. All they normally want is to make sure that the racking is installed correctly and or that you have Safe Work Load Signs. Macrack can check these off for you, it does normally require a site visit to ensure that your rack conforms to our engineering standards.

    Pallet racking is a ‘system’, not parts that are put together. Therefore if you buy second hand racking, you don’t know what engineering weight loads you can use. This could cause a racking collapse, and put you through a huge amount of grief. Secondly, it’s your business and you are liable… why would you risk second hand materials, that often can’t be certified?

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