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Domayne Warehouse Relocation

Domayne – Warehouse Relocation

What’s Their Story?

Domayne, is a residential furniture and electronics retailer. They have a wide range of stock and focus on the higher end of the market. As a nationwide company, they operate out of many stores and warehouse locations, specifically located to target certain socio economic areas.

Spanning from bedding, homewares, white goods, to indoor and outdoor furniture, appliances and much more, Domayne is a one stop shop for everything you need in the home.

With such a large range of stock, they need a lot of storage space and rely on Macrack to give them the best solution for their warehouses. Macrack supply Domayne with an efficient and practical storage system, which is referred to as Furniture racking, or Narrow Aisle racking.

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Why Did They Move From Their Existing Premise?

Moving warehouse locations for Domayne was due to many factors including:

  • End of lease
  • Increased need for warehouse space
  • Industry growth
  • Increased stock levels
  • Moving to an upgraded facility

There is never a good time to stop operations and move locations, but when numerous factors play an influence, companies often need to move warehouse location. When Macrack relocates a warehouse, we make sure that the client is the number one focus. We here at Macrack understand that your operations cannot stop, which is why we work in very close conjunction with each of our clients as we are relocating their pallet racking. Whether we need to do it in stages, to allow the clients product to move across, or do it all in one big hit to minimise disruption… We will tailor your warehouse relocation to suit your operations.

How Did We Help Them Relocate?

Macrack utilised all of the existing racking into the new premise, reducing the overall costs on the client. This is a great feature of Macrack, that we can re-use existing materials, unlike other companies who cannot recertify your racking once you relocate it.

We designed the new warehouse with functionality in mind and integrated the existing racking with new racking to expand the total warehouse storage space. This free warehouse design service that Domayne used is a great way for both the client to understand just how much extra space they will get, as well as to help coordinate the installation.

Domayne, uses furniture racks to store all their white goods, patio sets, indoor furniture and outdoor furniture. This racking allows for mass amounts of bulk goods to be stored on numerous levels, reducing the footprint throughout the overall warehouse, since the product is being stored vertically.

To access the bulk goods, warehouse staff use a stock-picker machine, which essentially is a ride-on platform that takes the warehouseman up and down, as well as through the warehouse. This gives great access to all levels of the furniture racking making picking as easy as possible.

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Why Did Domayne Choose Macrack?

Domayne chooses Macrack for their warehouse storage needs because of the great working relationship we have had for many years.

Our commitment to quality and pride in our install teams ensures that you get the best product as well as the best service when it comes to warehouse racking and industrial storage. When our clients need help, advice or reliability, Macrack is always there, and will bend over backwards to make sure you get the best service.

If you’re considering relocating to a new warehouse talk to Macrack about how we can make the process as seamless as possible and even certify your old racks once they are installed in the new space. Or if you’re looking to increase the storage capacity of your existing space, take advantage of our free warehouse design service. Call us today on 07 3343 9788 for expert advice and a free quote.

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