Macrack manufactures its entire product range in Brisbane, from our HQ and have done so for the past 30 years. We don’t import any items from overseas like majority of the other racking companies. We support the Australian manufacturing industry and are very proud of our Australian made quality.

Yes. Macrack has been designed and engineered to conform to all Australian standards. The Pallet racking standard used in Australia is;

Under the standard ONLY the manufacturer can provide weight loadings and performance criteria. However, anyone is allowed to inspect the racking system for damage, and we encourage that the warehouse manager to take on this role, instead of 3rd party inspectors. It is mandatory under the standards the you have your racking inspected on a 12month basis to ensure that your racking is still safe and free from damage, you must do this is order to conform to the latest standards.

Macrack also provides an auditing service, and are happy to inspect your racks.

Australia Wide. Macrack has installation teams in each major city in Australia. We can also put you in touch with your nearest sales person, which ever city you are in.

No. You cannot use different brands of racking with each other. They must be separate systems.

Eg: Using Macrack frames with another brands beams is against the standard, cannot be certified, and is very dangerous.

No, all our products are ‘price on application’ (POA). But don’t despaire, we are willing to give you a price over the phone. No job too big or small.

» If it’s in stock, straight away!

» A few days for a couple of miscellaneous items.

» It will take about a week for a small warehouse.

» A couple of weeks for larger warehouses.

You bet! We price match on all quotes to keep Australian manufacturing in business.

Asian imported racking not only uses lower quality steel, the companies that manufacture it are fly by night companies. So when you want to reconfigure your racking system, or move warehouses, or buy more, you are out of luck! You are left with an expensive pile of scrap metal that Workplace Health & Safety won’t sign off on.

Don’t panic. All they normally want is to make sure that the racking is installed correctly and or that you have Safe Work Load Signs. Macrack can check these off for you, it does normally require a site visit to ensure that your rack conforms to our engineering standards.

Pallet racking is a ‘system’, not parts that are put together. Therefore if you buy second hand racking, you don’t know what engineering weight loads you can use. This could cause a racking collapse, and put you through a huge amount of grief. Secondly, it’s your business and you are liable… why would you risk second hand materials, that often can’t be certified?