Ashtabula – Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Design & Installation

We received an enquiry from Ashtabula asking what the best solution would be to store the 1000’s of boxes of product they have. They had run out of room and needed a solution for their warehouse.

In the early stages of the company, Ashtabula settled in a Clontarf warehouse which was more than generous in size for what they needed, probably a bit too large in size, but they knew they would need room to grow. As the years followed and they grew in size, added more and more product lines, they invested in long span shelving to better store their boxes and allow for a more organised warehouse.

Using the long span shelving they were able to store their product very efficiently, slowly adding to the shelving over the years as they grew in size. Then one day they realised that they had painted themselves into a corner with the constant growth and more containers of product arriving monthly.

The Problem:

‘We need to get more storage in our warehouse, but our lease is for another 7 years’.

We ran through some concepts and solutions that might be beneficial, but what was the deciding factor was that they didn’t want forklifts or any sort of Mechanical Handling Equipment in the warehouse. So we had a situation where there was a huge amount of storage potential up in the air, but no way to access it.

Our Solution:

Raised Storage Area (Warehouse Mezzanine).

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Filling up the back half of the warehouse with a Mezzanine we were able to get literally 50% more floor space for Ashtabula. This meant that they kept the same rent on the same warehouse but it grew in size. With built in shelving below and relocating the long span shelving above they have optimised the warehouse greatly.

Planning For Future Growth

‘Can we expand the floor if we run out of room again?’

With MACRACK raised storage areas you can keep adding to it over time. Which allows you the option for further growth. Furthermore, if you decide that your current warehouse is still not big enough, you can take down the MACRACK warehouse mezzanine and take it with you to a new site! Easy! Take the floor with you!

How Did We Do?

“I couldn’t speak more highly enough of the team. They got in and did their work without any fuss and were easy to relate to. The process from start to finish was 1st class. I would recommend them to anyone.”

– Brett Rennick, Owner

How Can MACRACK Help You?

Just as we helped Ashtabula, and countless other businesses across Australia to find a storage solution suitable for their available space, storage needs, and future growth, MACRACK can design the perfect storage solution for your business.

Whether you’re looking to increase floor space with a mezzanine floor or optimise your storage with a pallet racking system, MACRACK has got you covered. Call us today on 1800 048 821 or fill out our contact form and ask about our free warehouse design offer.

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