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5 Easy Ways To Increase Warehouse Storage That Will Save You Money

How To Increase The Storage Capacity of Your Warehouse

The ultimate question we hear;

“How can we store more product in our warehouse”

There is no standard answer, as each individual case has its own complexities and restrictions. Most of the time it is a trade-off between warehouse space, rent, stock, workflow turn over and a million other factors. So, what is the best way forward to gain that little bit of extra storage space?

First and foremost, call Macrack and organise for a Rep to come out and talk you through the options. Our experienced reps have been in the industry for a very long time and can suggest the best way forward, maybe even suggest options you have never heard of or never thought of.

5 Easy Ways To Increase Warehouse Storage

In the mean time, MACRACK have come up with 5 easy ways to increase warehouse storage including:

  1. Extend on your existing racking system
  2. Utilise unused air space by extending your racking system upwards or building a warehouse mezzanine floor
  3. Install an additional outdoor racking system
  4. Choose a style of pallet racking more suited to your warehouse operations and products
  5. and finally, relocate.

5 easy ways to increase warehouse storage

1) Extend.

Adding additional beam levels, bays or runs of racking is the most straight forward option for extending your storage capacity. Where we would add onto your existing pallet racking to create more storage, this is achievable because racking components are designed to be extended onto with universal frames. Obviously, this is the first step towards achieving more pallet locations, but if you have already maxed out this option you will need to go to the next step.

warehouse mezzanine floor Brisbane

2) Go Up.

People don’t realise that with pallet racking and warehouse storage systems, there is always the option to ‘Go Up’! The most underutilised space in a warehouse is the top couple of metres below the ceiling. Although forklifts can reach many metres in the air, racking can easily be taller than most ceiling heights and you are paying rent on all the space it still gets neglected.

If you need to add more storage capacity in your warehouse try the option of extending your racking system up. This can be achieved by using what is called a ‘Splice Kit’. This acts as an extension between your existing racking and an additional section above.

Stillage Brisbane

3) Go out.

If neither of these previous options are suitable for you, try going out… YES outdoors! You may think storing your product outside is too risky, but if you have a fenced off area (which almost all warehouses do), it proves to be a great little extra resource you can utilise.

Drive in pallet racking

4) Different Style.

If you are still having trouble storing all your goods you may have to think outside the square. Changing your storage system might give you a more efficient and compact storage outcome.

For instance;

  • Long span shelving, to invest in a Mezzanine Raised Storage Area to increase picking area.
  • Furniture on pallets, you might change to Furniture Racking.
  • Pallet racking, Include some Drive in Racking.
  • Fresh produce? Look at Pallet flow racks (FIFO).

Warehouse pallet racking Brisbane

5) Move.

Well, you might have to face the music and move to a bigger premise. But it’s not all doom and gloom. If your business has grown that much you should be proud! Not only that you get to move to a new place, start fresh and streamline your production and workflows! Now you know how your business operates, you can tailor a solution to best suit your needs.

Whatever you do, talk to the experts first. Call Macrack and run through the options.

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