Racking Standards : AS4084 2012 Steel Storage Racking

What Standards Refer to

Australian Standards AS4084 Steel Storage Racking refers specifically to ‘Pallet Racking’. It excludes Drive in racking, Cantilever Racking, Mobile racking, Racking made from materials other than steel.

Even though some types of racking are specifically excluded from the standard, we think it best to try and apply these rules to all forms of racking, as best practice.

2012 Standards Vs 1993 Standards

There are a great number of differences between the two standards, most of them are highly technical and have a lot to do with the engineering calculations and test methods. However, there are some updated items that are clearly defined and easily recognisable.

Pallet Racking Standards

  • Wrap around footplates (Instead of internal footplates).
  • Anchorage (2 dynabolts per footplate).
  • Splices (Must be above 1500mm and above 1st beam level).
  • SWL Signs (Must be attached and must state the critical information as defined in the standards).
  • Beam pins (Must be in every locking plate).
  • Damage (Limits of damage to uprights, bracing, beams).
  • Design (Complex matrix of how the racking system is designed).

What does it mean for you?

If you have Racking that is purchased before 2012, then it may conform to the 1993 standards, but not the 2012 standards. If this is the case and there is no damage or signs of fatigue and provided the system stays in situ there is no need to upgrade.

‘Australian Standards’ cannot be enforced retrospectively, therefore no one has the ability to make you change your racking to comply to the latest standards. However, if you want your business to operate on best practice, and be upgraded to the latest standards, you certainly can do so.

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Do I have to Comply to 2012 Standards?

If you bought your racking in 2012 or after, YES.

If you bought your racking before 2012, NO provided the racking remains in its original position.

Racking can be upgraded to meet AS4084:2012 with easy little expense provided it is not pre-1993 standard, Speak to MACRACK for further information.

Can my old Racking be brought up to the New Standards?

If you want to have your racking comply with the latest standards you will have to talk with the rack manufacturer directly, they will be happy to help in any way possible. If you have a MACRACK, we can generally upgrade your system to the latest standards provided it is not pre-1993, it is however based on a case by case scenario, and scope of works can vary.

Don’t get caught out by using a third party auditing service, or third party install service.

Third party Auditors or Installers.

Under the standards, ONLY the manufacturer can give weight load information. So if someone other than the manufacturer gives you ‘safe work load’ or ‘carry capacity’ signs, it is unlikely to be accurate given the intellectual property remains the property of its manufacturer. Best thing to do is play it safe, and talk to the manufactures for an Audit, and get the ‘Safe Weight Load’ information from them as well.

Racking Audits

A ‘Rack Safety Audit’, is when one of our technicians come out to your site and inspect your racking based of 2012 or 1993 standards and highlight

They then gets complied into a detailed report, for you to look over

  • Damage
  • Hazards
  • Brands
  • Design
  • Other issues

Sound like what you need?
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Know Your Rights

If someone tells you that ‘your racking isn’t to code’, STOP and ask yourself

  • Does this person stand to make money off of me?
  • Are they giving you a scare campaign?
  • If it doesn’t reach 2012 standards, does it reach 1993 standards?
  • Have you contacted the manufacturer yourself to confirm?

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