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Warehouse Storage Product Range

At MACRACK, we listen to your individual requirements and desires in order to manufacture a warehouse storage system that is perfect for your needs. Offering more than just your standard pallet racks, we deliver a variety of storage solutions to ensure you are utilising your warehouse to the best of its ability. If you’re looking for the best pallet racking in Brisbane or right across Australia, MACRACK can deliver.

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Choose your Storage System

We custom-make every warehouse storage system to suit your exact requirements, enhancing the productivity and functionality of your warehouse. Choose from our wide range of industrial shelving units and enjoy the genuine service and high quality that MACRACK is renowned for. From cable racking and A-frame racking to pallet rack shelving and mezzanine flooring, MACRACK has the storage solution for your warehouse or garage.

Our Product Range

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

We are one of the leading pallet racking manufacturers in Australia, offering products that have superior quality and a lifetime guarantee.

Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor

Double or even triple your warehouse space with our mezzanine floor raised storage areas, giving you more storage and picking area without the need to move warehouse!

Drive-in Rack

Drive-in Racking

Maximising the storage capacity in your warehouse, our drive-in racking allows you to store bulk pallets and makes storage a breeze.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Racking

If you need storage space for long items, such as timber or pipe, our cantilever racking is the solution for you.

Tyre Rack

Tyre Racking

If you’re looking for a reliable and practical solution for storing tyres in your warehouse or garage, you can’t go past our sturdy tyre racking.



If you need a simple solution for storing industrial goods in bulk, our stillages can be customised to meet your unique needs.

Coil Rack

Coil Racking

Our coil racking provides secure storage for your metal coil, industrial drums and any other cylindrical items you may supply.

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving

Our strong and affordable industrial shelving is custom-made to suit your warehouse and designed to last a lifetime.

Carpet Rack

Carpet Racking

Store maximum product while using minimum floor space with our carpet racking, making easy picking for warehouse staff.

Cable Racking

Cable Racking

For easy access to cable in your warehouse, our cable racking has steel rods placed through the centre, allowing cable to be easily unravelled.

A-Frame Racking

A-Frame Racking

If you are looking to store long product standing on its end, our A-frame racking offers the perfect solution.

Furniture Rack

Furniture Rack

For warehouses that rely on stock pickers, choose our narrow aisle racking for easy access – perfect for furniture and other large products.



Our heavy-duty workbenches are developed to withstand tough warehouse environments. Choose from our basic, portable, packing and cable benches.

The MACRACK Difference

Fast turn around time

Do you need additional warehouse shelving fast? Don’t want to wait around for an inferior imported rack? You don’t have to! MACRACK manufactures all of our products right here in Brisbane, so our turnaround time is a third of what importers make you wait!

Even with our after-sales service, if you require replacement parts or want to expand your system, you won’t have to wait long at all to have your needs taken care of.

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our racking because we know just how good it is. Other companies won’t certify their older racking, requiring you to buy their newest product every couple of years, which can become very expensive.

Don’t get caught out! MACRACK has been manufacturing for over 30 years and we still stand by every racking product that we have ever produced. Our lifetime warranty ensures that you will enjoy the superior quality of your MACRACK product for many years to come.


Certified to the Latest Racking Standards

MACRACK offers a product that is fully compliant with the latest Australian standards in pallet racking: AS4084 2012 Steel Storage Racking. By purchasing a MACRACK product, you can be confident that the safety and working condition of your racking is up to code.

Lifetime Guarantee

100% Australian-Made Pallet Racking

MACRACK is proudly 100% Australian made and owned, making us one of the few racking companies left that still make their product within Australia. Other companies may claim that they still do – but if you were to ask to see their manufacturing plant, they would take a backwards step. We support Australian businesses and are proud to use 100% Australian-made materials to manufacture our products right here in Queensland, instead of cutting corners with cheap imported materials. While maintaining the highest quality possible, we still manage to offer competitive prices on all of our products, allowing you to have the best industrial shelving in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia.Macrack Certified

Free Warehouse Design and Quote

We work closely with our clients to deliver a warehouse design that best suits their business needs. Our sales consultants will happily come to your site to discuss the most efficient and economical options for storing your product.

At MACRACK, we have built a loyal client base through our genuine and trustworthy service, giving each of our clients personalised attention to ensure they know just how important they are to us.

If you are moving warehouse or wanting to increase your warehouse storage space, call the experienced team at MACRACK, and we will give you great advice and a superior product. Call today: 1800 048 821.

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