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Industrial Work Benches

MACRACK understands warehousing, which is why we always develop products capable of withstanding tough environments. Designed and manufactured by our local team in Brisbane, our heavy-duty work benches are no exception; they are built to last with our own strong frames and solid beams. If you need a bench to stand the test of time, choose MACRACK – don’t waste your time and money with a cheap slotted alternative.

Work Bench Garage

Manufactured for Durability and Reliability

We use pre-galvanised steel frames for the base of our heavy-duty work benches. These can be Dyna-bolted to the ground, or you can have them on castors to wheel around the factory floor. The beams are made from a high-grade steel and are designed for taking pallets of goods, so you know they are strong.

Other options include having shelving below and cantilevered shelving above to get the maximum storage capacity from your work space.  Our benches are 600mm deep and come in 2 options of width: 1372mm and 2590mm. We can also include extra accessories for specific industries.


Work Bench

We supply 18mm particle board for our bench tops and shelves. However, if you require or prefer something different, we can usually supply this for you. Ask us about MDF, melamine, ply or even steel heavy-duty work benches – we’ll do our best to accommodate your specifications.

MACRACK Heavy-Duty Work Benches

Below is a list of typical work benches that we supply for our clients.


Basic work Bench

WB - STD - 2590 - NO-Castors

  • 600mm deep
  • 1 bench level x 914mm high
  • No castors


Our basic work bench is strong and sturdy, providing you and your staff with a reliable surface for a wide range of work purposes.


Portable work Bench

WB - STD - 2590 - W-Castors

A work bench with wheels – ideal for modern, mobile workspaces.

  • 600mm deep
  • 1 bench level x 914mm high
  • 1 shelf level
  • Castors 2 with locks

Looking for a work bench that can keep up with your fast-paced factory or warehouse? This popular option is conveniently portable and features a handy shelf underneath the bench top.


Packing Bench

WB - Packing - 2590 - NO-CastorsKeep dispatch efficient and organised with this well-equipped packing bench

  • 600mm deep x 2134mm high
  • 1 bench level x 914mm
  • 1 shelf level
  • 2 Cantilever Shelves
  • No castors

With 1 shelf below and 2 cantilever shelves above, your staff will have plenty of space to store their essentials. This leaves the work bench itself with plenty of space for the task at hand.


Cable Bench

Cable Work BenchManaging your work area is a breeze with this multifunctional cable bench.

  • 600mm deep x 2134mm high
  • 1 bench level x 914mm
  • 1 shelf level
  • 1 Cantilever Shelf
  • 2 Spool holding levels
  • No castors

This convenient work bench enables you to get jobs done efficiently, store projects neatly, and even keep your cables under control – thanks to the 2 spool-holding levels situated beneath the handy cantilever shelf.

Tailor-Made Benches

Don’t see the ideal product for your business in the options above? Create your own instead! Simply get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements. We can mix and match the various components to customise the perfect work bench for you and your team members.


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