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Raised Storage Areas and Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

Need additional storage and picking space in your warehouse?

Don’t want to make the move to a larger warehouse?

A warehouse mezzanine system is the solution for you!

Avoid the financially draining and logistically complex move to a new warehouse and increase both pick area and floor space of your existing warehouse with a raised storage area.

Warehouse mezzanine flooring is a great option to increase storage area without needing to increase floor space or relocate to a larger warehouse. MACRACK has vast experience in designing and manufacturing warehouse mezzanines throughout all of Australia. Our raised storage solution is pallet-racking derived, making it an inexpensive and highly customisable system.


Raised Storage Area

Custom designed to suit your needs

At Macrack we know that everyone is different, and each company needs different storage solutions. That’s why we listen to your storage needs and design a system to work with you and your product.

Our design service is Free!

Call Macrack for a free design layout of your building. You will see how we pay attention and strive to create a solution to best suit your needs.

Design features

  • Timber Floor or steel floor
  • Pallet Gates
  • Underneath or above floor shelving
  • Hand rail
  • Designed to fit in your warehouse
  • Stair cases
  • Floor height
  • 1 level, 2 levels, 3 levels
  • Despatch shoots
  • Floor weight loading
  • Column spacing upto 5000mm!

Our warehouse mezzanine systems come fully installed with either timber or steel-grated flooring, hand rails, staircases, pallet gates and heavy-duty shelving. The configurations we supply are endless as we design each mezzanine to suit your exact measurements and specifications. This ensures you get exactly what you require without making ad-hoc and unsafe modifications to your floor.

Most of our raised storage areas have heavy-duty, long-span shelving built into them, dramatically increasing the hand-picking capability in your warehouse and increasing productivity.

Warehouse Floor

Warehouse mezzanine racking (or Raised Storage Areas) are great for a variety of industries.

We often find companies with a lot of small parts storage are greatly advantaged with the use of a Mezzanine storage system mixed with long pan shelving.

The reason being, that there are numerous shelves that are readily accessible in a much more confined space which ultimately saves of floor area and rent. However, we also supply Raised Storage Areas (mezzanine racking) to clients who store larger bulky items such as tyres, car parts, archive storage, packaging equipment and electronics.

Across All Industries

Warehouse mezzanine racking is ideal for a variety of industries. We often find companies with a lot of small-parts storage are greatly advantaged with the use of a mezzanine storage system combined with long span shelving. This is because there are numerous shelves that are readily accessible in a much more confined space, saving on floor area and rent.

We also supply raised storage areas to clients who store larger, bulkier items such as:

  • All small parts picking
  • Components
  • Tyres
  • Car parts
  • Archive storage
  • Packaging equipment
  • Electronics
  • Fixtures and fittings

The MACRACK mezzanine storage systems can be tailored to suit all companies and size requirements.

Mezzanine Floor Brisbane

Safety and StandardsPallet Racking Standards


MACRACK is proud to deliver a safe system that allows your staff to operate without the dangers of picking on the same level where forklifts operate. The floor is even strong enough to wheel pallets around on pallet jacks. All MACRACK warehouse floors are fully made to the Australian standards to guarantee the safety of your staff.

MACRACK’s New Up-N-Over Gate

Our new Up-N-Over gate operates with the idea that it is closed off 100% of the time, protecting your staff from ever being exposed to a falling hazard.

When in the closed position, the gate sits with a pallet inside the warehouse floor area, allowing staff to move the pallet. When in the open position, the pallet is not accessible by staff on the floor but is able to be accessed by the forklift below. The operation is a see-saw action that swings over the top of pallets, hence its name: The Up-N-Over gate.

The amazing locking system means that the gate never gets caught half way – its default position is closed and the gate is weighted that way to close by itself. However, by grabbing the handle and pulling down (under 3kg of force) the gate will lock into the guide, keeping the gate in the open position. This is the safest option on the market and can be retrofitted to all mezzanine floors and raised work areas.


Pallet Gate

Professional Installation Service

MACRACK supplies and installs all of our high-quality products in all capital cities and regional areas across Australia, so you can be confident in the safety and longevity of your warehouse system. If you think a mezzanine storage system is the solution for you, contact us today and of our friendly and professional MACRACK representatives will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.


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