The Benefits Of Installation A Freight Lift In Your Warehouse

The Benefits Of Installing A Freight Lift In Your Warehouse

benefits of installing a freight lift

What Is A Freight Lift?

A freight lift, or goods lifts, is a lift that is a simple and reliable solution to transporting goods between floors. Freight lifts tend to travel at slower speeds than passenger lifts and can often carry heavier loads. Some freight lifts also accommodate the transportation of an operator alongside the goods.

Additionally, freight lifts tend to be designed for practicality rather than aesthetic appeal. This ensures that these lifts can survive the tougher working conditions of industrial environments, as well as the constant loading and unloading of heavy objects. For this reason, freight lifts are often built with bump rails and durable flooring, such as aluminium plate floor, to minimise damage and maintenance.

The Benefits Of Installing A Freight Lift

Highly Customisable

One great benefit of installing a freight lift in your warehouse is that it is highly customisable. This means that you can have a freight lift that is designed to suit your space and lifting needs.

Freight lifts are available in a range of different load capacities from 500kg to 1500kg. There are also a variety of different car sizes to choose from for a lift that is perfectly designed to suit your needs. Plus, freight lifts can be installed internally or externally depending on your available space.

Increased Safety

Another benefit of installing a freight lift is increased safety when transporting goods between floors. This is because, unlike boom lifts, forklifts, and scissor lifts, freight lifts eliminate most safety risks associated with transporting goods between floors.

For example, scissor lifts can tip off balance or be knocked over, whereas, freight lifts can only go up and down. Additionally, freight lifts have a high weight load capacity and offer structural support in order to transport heavy loads without human error. Plus, workers will not be at risk of falling when loading and unloading the goods.

Minimise Equipment Maintenance

Installing a freight lift can also minimise equipment maintenance as they often require less maintenance than alternate equipment such as forklifts and scissor lifts. Using a freight lift to transport goods between levels will also reduce the wear and tear on your manual handling equipment which will also extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Easy To Install

Finally, freight lifts are easy to install and can be installed just about anywhere, whether internal or external, in a new build or an existing space. Additionally, for goods only lifts, less space is needed saving you valuable floor space.

Freight lifts are also relatively easy to install, requiring minimal building works for little to no disruption to your daily operations.

Maximise Productivity With A Freight Lift

If you’re looking for a way to boost productivity in your warehouse and streamline operations, a freight lift is the perfect solution. Reduce labour hours and maximise safety with a goods lift that can quickly and efficiently transport items between floors.

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