Essential Safety Equipment That Should Be Used In Every Warehouse

Essential Safety Equipment That Should Be Used In Every Warehouse

Working in a warehouse environment comes with a range of hazards and risks as a result of daily operation of machinery and vehicles. As such, safety should be a top priority in any warehouse, taking every precaution to reduce the risk of accidents and injury.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of warehouse safety equipment available to help reduce the risk of accidents and injury in the warehouse, as well as preventing damage to your equipment including:

  • Safety Signage
  • Pallet Racking Protection
  • PPE
  • Forklift Safety Barriers

Clear Labels & Signage

One simple but effective way to protect your workers and warehouse equipment that is often overlooked is clear labels and signage. Proper use of equipment labelling such as shelving weight load capacities can significantly reduce the risk of damage to your equipment and subsequent accidents as a result of improper use.

Note: Only the racking manufacturer is permitted to provide weight-load capacity signs for racking in accordance with Australian Standards AS4084:2012 Steel Storage Racking.

Additionally, clear labelling of aisles and products can increase efficiency, making it easier to quickly locate products. Displaying safety signage and visual indicators can also help to reduce the risk of traffic accidents and collisions within your warehouse, protecting both your inventory and team members.

Pallet Racking Guards & Bollards

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Another essential piece of protective equipment in any warehouse is pallet racking guards and other rack protection products. Pallet racking is the backbone of any warehouse, providing safe and organised storage for your pallets and inventory. Excessive damage caused to a pallet racking system can result in a racking collapse, causing damage to your warehouse, racking system, stored inventory, and even worker injuries.

Though pallet racking is built to withstand the harsh warehouse environment, there are a number of things that have the potential to negatively impact the structural integrity of your pallet racking, from a forklift collision to ongoing overloading or misuse. To protect your racking system, and your warehouse by extension, it’s important to install quality pallet racking protection.

Macrack are your local pallet racking experts, manufacturing quality, Australian-made pallet racking systems with a lifetime guarantee. We also offer a wide range of pallet racking protection products including post protectors, end guards, guide rails, bollards and more. For more information and a free quote, give us a call today on 1800 048 821.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Essential Safety Equipment That Should Be Used In Every Warehouse

Not to be overlooked, personal protective equipment (PPE) is another essential safety item that should be available and used in every warehouse. There is a wide range of PPE commonly used in warehouse environments including high visibility clothing, safety goggles, steel capped boots, and safety gloves.

Not only will proper use of preventative PPE, such as high vis vests, ensure that workers are visible to vehicle operators, reducing the risk of accidents, PPE such as hard hats, safety gloves and steel capped boots are also used to reduce the risk of injury when an accident occurs.

The type of PPE needed in your warehouse will depend on the work environment as well as the tasks and operations performed. For more information on PPE requirements in Australian warehouses visit

Forklift Safety Barriers

Depending on the type and frequency of traffic throughout your warehouse you may need to install safety barriers. There are two main types of safety barriers, flexible barriers and rigid barriers.

Flexible barriers are great for preventing or reducing damage caused to both the barrier and the equipment in the event of a minor collision, as they are designed to deflect and absorb the impact. Rigid barriers are the more heavy duty choice, designed to stop a vehicle on impact, preventing vehicles from travelling into unsafe areas in the event of an accident. However, collisions with a rigid barrier will also cause more damage to the barrier and vehicle.

Installation of quality safety barriers in your warehouse will not only protect your equipment and manual handling materials from damage, it will also reduce the risk of a serious accident resulting in worker injuries, and even death.

Quality Australian Made Warehouse Protection

Macrack is an Australian manufacturer of quality pallet racking systems with a lifetime guarantee. We also offer a range of warehouse protection products that will help to protect your pallet racking systems, manual handling equipment, and reduce the risk of workplace injury. For more information and a free quote, call us today on 1800 048 821 or visit our warehouse protection product page