How To Choose The Right Pallet Racking Manufacturer

Not all racking is made equal. The quality, design, and warranty on any pallet racking system will vary with the system manufacturer. Choosing the right pallet racking company can be the difference between a pallet racking system designed to compliment your space and operations, and a “one-size-fits-all” system that doesn’t make the most out of your space.

So how can you tell the quality racking companies from the ones selling inferior, imported products? Below is a list of factors to consider when choosing your pallet racking company.


Before hiring a pallet racking company it is important to establish their level of experience. The last thing you need is to invest in a brand new racking system for your warehouse only to find that when you need repairs or replacement parts the company no longer exists.

Additionally, when you choose an experienced racking manufacturer you have access to their years of industry experience from working with a variety of businesses with different needs and processes. That way you know that they will help you choose the right pallet racking system that is ideally suited to your needs.


One of the most important factors when choosing a racking company is the quality of their finished product. When you invest in a whole new racking Certified Pallet Racking Manufacturer Brisbanesystem you need to know that it is quality made and will stand the test of time.

Many racking manufacturers use imported items such as low quality steel to build their racking systems. However, this will end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and damages when the system eventually fails.

Unlike the majority of other racking companies, MACRACK does not import any items from overseas. Our pallet racking systems are Australian made with high quality Australian steel for maximum durability.

Licensed & Insured

It is also essential to make sure that the pallet racking manufacturer you choose is fully licensed and insured for the manufacturing and installation of your pallet racking. And if you do choose an imported racking system, ensure that it has built to meet Australian Pallet Racking Standard AS4084:2012 – Steel Storage Racking.

Wide Range

How To Choose The Right Pallet Racking Manufacturer

Another factor to consider when choosing a pallet racking company is the variety of racking systems they offer. If you choose a racking manufacturer with a limited range of racking systems, they are likely to convince you to buy one of their racking systems even if a different style of racking is better suited to your warehouse operations.

Choosing a racking company with experience manufacturing and installing a wide variety of racking systems means that they can provide you with a range of different storage solutions and give expert advice on each type of system on the market.

Customisation Options

Any good pallet racking company knows that every warehouse and product range is different. What works for one warehouse doesn’t necessarily work for another. The best way to maximise your storage and get the most out of your racking is to install a system that is specifically designed for your warehouse. That’s why it’s essential to choose a pallet racking manufacturer that makes customisable racking systems.

This is also important when planning for future growth. The ideal pallet racking system will be easily customised to accommodate any minor changes in your product range. Additionally, when it comes time to expand, it’s much better to have the option of adding to your existing racking rather than having to buy a whole new system.

warehouse racking customisation

MACRACK manufacture pallet racking systems specifically designed to suit your space and pallets. Our racking systems are also highly customisable and can easily be added to for expansion, both horizontally and vertically. Plus, we are the only company in Australia that can tailor the colour of the beams on your racking system to suit your brand for a uniform finish to your warehouse.

Call MACRACK today on 1800 048 821 to discuss how we can make your ideal warehouse storage solution a reality. We will even come out to your site and measure your warehouse for free and create a plan layout to show you exactly how the space will work.

Product Warranty

When choosing which pallet racking company to go with you should also compare the warranty they offer on their systems as this is a great indication of the quality of their products. After all, the warranty is essentially telling you how long the manufacturer expects the racking to last for until you have to buy a replacement system. So you need to make sure that the lifetime of the system is worth the investment in the first place.

Pallet Racking Lifetime GuaranteeDon’t resign yourself to replacing your racking system every 2, 5 or even 10 years. MACRACK stand behind our high quality racking systems with a lifetime guarantee on every pallet racking system we manufacture.

MACRACK has been designing and manufacturing custom racking systems for Australian businesses for over 30 years. Each pallet racking system we build is 100% Australian made and comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you’re looking for a quality made racking system that will stand the test of time call MACRACK today on 1800 048 821.