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How To Protect Your Pallet Racking

Safety is one of the top priorities for any warehouse manager. According to Safe Work Australia, warehousing was one of the top three industries for workplace fatalities in 2016*. That’s why it’s so astounding to see how many warehouses still have unprotected pallet racking.

Pallet racking can be used to increase storage capacity, optimise warehouse operations and boost worker productivity. However, a collapsed pallet racking system can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost products and productivity as well as repairs and even workers compensation if anyone is injured in the collapse. As the foundation of a successful warehouse, it stands to reason that pallet racking is an investment that is worth protecting.

There are many different racking protection products that are used to protect different areas of the racking system. The racking protection you require will depend on your particular pallet racking system and warehouse operations. If you’re looking to protect your racking, speak with a racking specialist today to find out what protection your system requires.

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, MACRACK are the experts when it comes to all things pallet racking. Call us today on 1800 048 821 for a racking protection solution that will work with your layout and circumstances.

We offer a range of pallet racking protection products designed to protect your racking from every angle including:

Protect From Frontal Impact

Angle Post Protector

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Angle post protectors are installed to the front of the pallet racking frame by simply dropping into place over the post. The angled design of the post protector diverts the force of an impact to the sides of the frame in order to prevent damage to the racking system itself. MACRACK angle post protectors are painted bright orange for maximum visibility.

Rack Bollards

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Rack bollards are short, steel posts that are installed in front of each upright at the front of a racking system. MACRACK bollards are attached to the front of the system as well as dyna-bolted to the ground for maximum strength.

Rack bollards are designed to absorb the full impact of a head on forklift collision preventing any damage to the frame of the system. Rack bollards are particularly useful with drive in racking systems, as forklifts are constantly driving towards the front of the system, increasing the chances of a head on collision.

Protect From Frame End Impact

Light Duty Frame End Guard

Rack frame end guard

Frame end guards are designed to prevent damage caused by forklifts to the end of the bays. This area of the racking system is particularly susceptible to damage as it is most often accessed drivers who are picking pallets. Frame end guards also provide protection from passing traffic.

Light duty frame end guards are ideal for use in warehouses with light machinery such as walkie stackers and lighter forklifts.

Heavy-Duty Frame End Guard

Racking frame end guardWarehouse Storage Solutions Brisbane

Heavy duty frame end guards serve the same purpose as their light duty counterparts, to deflect impact from the aisle ends of a racking system. However, they are designed to protect from more forceful impacts from larger forklifts. This makes heavy duty frame end guards ideal for use in warehouses in which heavy-duty machinery is operated.

Protect From Corner Impact

Corner Post Protector

Rack Corner post protectorDrive in racking brisbane

The corner of a pallet racking system is where racking damage most commonly occurs. This is often due to forklift drivers taking corners too quickly or misjudging the size of their load. Corner post protectors are used to protect the corner of a racking system from forklifts and other machinery.

A corner post protector is a stand alone unit designed to redirect the impact of a collision from the racking to the corner post protector. It is dyna bolted to the ground for maximum strength and durability. Corner post protectors are most commonly used with selective racking, double deep racking and mezzanines.

Guide Rails

Drive-In Floor Channel

Racking BollardDrive in Guide Rail

Drive-in floor channels are used to prevent forklifts from catching on the frame of the racking as they drive into the system. The rounded bollard at the front of a drive-in floor channel helps to guide the forklift into the bay and keep it straight.

Ideally, drive-in floor channels should be installed down the full length of each bay in a drive-in racking system to prevent damage to the rack and guide forklifts while picking.

Narrow Aisle Guide Rail

Furnitre rack guide rail

Narrow aisle guide rails are installed independently of the racking system. These rails are designed to withstand a heavy impact and are dyna bolted to the ground for maximum durability. Narrow aisle guide rails allow easy navigation through the narrow aisles of the system without damaging the rack.

MACRACK include narrow aisle guide rails with every furniture or narrow aisle racking system we manufacture or install. Our furniture and narrow aisle racking systems come standard with corner guide rails allowing a smooth transition into the aisle.

Prevent damage to your pallet racking and inventory with MACRACK warehouse protection. Call 1800 048 821 today.