Hygiene Tips For Food Storage Warehouses

Hygiene Tips For Food Storage Warehouses

Maintaining good hygiene practises and a consistent cleaning schedule is an important part of running any warehouse. However, food storage warehouses are held to a higher standard, with additional rules and regulations that must be followed to meet health and safety standards in Australia.

Hygiene Tips For Food Storage Warehouses

Choose The Right Type Of Shelving

Choosing the right type of shelving and storage system is essential to the smooth operation of any warehouse, even more so in a food storage warehouse. This is due to the more stringent health and safety standards that Australian food storage warehouses are held to.

When choosing which storage system to install in your food storage warehouse it’s important to consider how your products are packaged for storage, and how your shelving system can reduce the risk of spoiled or contaminated food.

For palletised inventory, pallet racking is the number one choice. Pallet racking is particularly useful for cold room or freezer storage as it can be used to maximise the storage capacity where space is limited.

Macrack’s sealed compartment pallet racking systems are ideal for us in food storage warehouses. As the name suggests, the beams of our racking system are sealed, made from two C-sections pressed together creating a solid, tubular beam. The sealed beams of our food storage pallet racking system helps to prevent contamination and surface harbouring, while improving cleanliness and sanitization. This is because, unlike the open beams of other pallet racking systems that allow dust, bugs, and food scraps to build up in corners and crevasses, the fully enclosed Macrack beam leaves nowhere for contaminants to accumulate.

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Additionally, Macrack’s food storage pallet racking system is fully galvanised, allowing thorough sanitization, including chemical, steam, and pressure cleaning, without fear of rust or paint flakes contaminating stored products.

Floor Level Storage

Another important consideration when it comes to food storage warehouses is ensuring that no pallets storing food are stored on the ground. This is a simple step to take to avoid the risk of damage and contamination to food items. Consider a pallet racking system that stores all goods safely off of the floor and away from potential damage and contaminants.

Product Rotation

Food items tend to have a much shorter shelf life than other product types. This makes efficient product rotation an essential process in any food storage warehouse to reduce shrinkage caused by products going out of date in storage.

Installing a FIFO (first in, first out) pallet racking system is an efficient way of ensuring consistent product rotation without having to increase labour hours. Macrack’s pallet flow racking system is a FIFO system that allows for automatic product rotation, ensuring that the oldest pallets are first in line for picking.

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This is achieved by loading new pallets into the back of the system onto an inclined track. Once a pallet is loaded into the system, it automatically ‘flows’ forward towards that front of the system where pallets are unloaded. Not only does this ensure that no pallet is left forgotten at the back of the racking system, it also negates the need for manual product rotation, saving you time and money.

Food Storage Pallet Racking Australia

Macrack offers quality food storage pallet racking Queensland and Australia wide. Manufacturing a wide range of pallet racking systems in Australia for over 35 years, Macrack are your local warehouse storage experts. Based in Brisbane, our pallet racking systems are Australian made with quality steel and galvanised frames that will never rust. Plus, every pallet racking system we manufacture comes with a lifetime guarantee, for quality you can count on.

Our food storage pallet racking systems are specifically designed with safety and cleanliness in mind. Call us today on 1800 048 821 for a free quote and warehouse design.