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Outdoor Pallet Racking Tips

If you’re constantly running out of storage space in your warehouse, avoid a costly and logistically complex warehouse relocation by storing some of your products outside. If, like most warehouses, there is a fenced off outdoor area on your premises, why not use the space you already have to maximise storage capacity by installing outdoor pallet racking. Outdoor pallet racking has a number of applications and is commonly used in garden centres, lumber yards or for storing steel extrusions.

Whether you need indoor or outdoor pallet racking, MACRACK has got you covered. Our wide range of pallet racking and storage solutions can be customised to suit any warehouse and product range.

Galvanised Cantilever Rack Outdoors

Outdoor Pallet Racking Tips

Outdoor pallet racking is an inexpensive way to increase storage capacity without having to pay for additional space. However, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration when installing pallet racking outdoors to ensure that your racking system and products will survive the harsh elements.

Protect Against Rust

When steel is exposed to water and oxygen it will rust, and rust on a pallet racking system will destroy its structural integrity. So if you’re looking to install a steel storage system outdoors, it is essential to protect against rust.

The best way to protect an outdoor pallet racking system from rusting is to install a system made of galvanised steel that has been hot dipped in zinc to prevent the steel from rusting.

Every pallet racking system manufactured by MACRACK comes with pre-galvanised frames as standard. Additionally, when building an outdoor pallet racking system we can hot dip galvanise every part of the racking system that will be exposed to the elements for a durable racking system that will maintain its structural integrity in the harsh Australian environment.

Consider Where The Racking Will Be Installed

Another consideration when installing pallet racking outdoors is the environment. For example, the surface and weather conditions of your outdoor space could affect what type of pallet racking you need or how it will be installed.

Stillage Outdoors

Additionally, the type of pallet racking used should be based on the product that is being stored. For example, if you need to store long metal extrusions, cantilever racking may be ideal. Alternatively, if you’re looking to store heavy plants and equipment, you may need heavy duty industrial shelving with steel decks.

No matter what you need to store, MACRACK has the storage solution. We also have a free quote and warehouse design offer where we can have a racking specialist meet you on site to take measurements and create a plan layout that will allow you to visualise where the racking will be located, and how your products will be stored.

The MACRACK Difference

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If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to a warehouse relocation or expansion, outdoor pallet racking could be the solution. MACRACK pallet racking systems come standard with pre-galvanised steel frames that will never rust. We can also hot dip galvanise any steel components of your racking system that will be exposed to the elements.

We are so confident in the quality and durability of our pallet racking that each new system comes with a lifetime guarantee. For quality racking systems you can rely on, at competitive prices, call MACRACK today on 1800 048 821 and take advantage of our free warehouse design offer.