Pallet Racking Protection And Its Importance

Pallet Racking Protection And Its Importance

Pallet Racking Protection And Its Importance

What Is Racking Protection?

Pallet racking is the backbone of most warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities. Housing bulk amounts of valuable goods, products, and equipment, all pallet racking systems can benefit from the use of racking protection to protect not only the racking itself but also the inventory, workers, and bottom line of your business.

While pallet racking systems are built to be durable and withstand the harsh warehouse environment, they require heavy machinery, such as forklifts, to load and unload large palletised goods, putting the racking at risk of damage as a result of a vehicle collision. Pallet racking protection is the best way to safeguard your racking against impact damage to prevent a disastrous racking collapse.

Why Should You Use Racking Protectors?

Protect Your Racking Investment

A pallet racking system is a long-term investment that is built to last. In fact, Macrack manufactured pallet racking is so durable that all of our pallet racking systems come with a lifetime guarantee. This means that with adequate protection and correct use, you will never have to replace a Macrack racking system.

Through the use of quality pallet racking protection, you will be able to protect your racking system and maximise your return on investment.

Protect Your Staff

A pallet racking collapse can be disastrous, not only in terms of financial loss, repair costs, and unexpected downtime, but also to your staff. As pallet racking systems can be built to be many metres high, holding tonnes of goods and equipment, any workers in the area in the event of a racking collapse are at risk of serious injury and even death.

Installing quality-made racking protectors, as well as implementing a damage reporting process, will significantly reduce the risk of injury to your warehouse staff.

Protect Your Goods

When a racking system collapses, all of the goods stored in the racking become collateral damage. This could mean millions of dollars in lost and damaged merchandise, let alone damage to the surrounding property and equipment.

Pallet racking protection combined with an effective damage reporting and repairs process is the most effective way to protect your goods against a racking collapse.

What Are The Different Types Of Racking Protection?

Macrack offers a wide range of pallet racking protection options suitable for many different types of pallet racking and warehouse processes, including angle post protectors, rack bollards, light and heavy duty frame end guards, corner post protectors, drive in floor channels, and narrow aisle guide rails.

Front Impact

Angle Post Protector

As the name suggests, angle post protectors are an angled guard that is dropped into place on the front of the pallet racking frame. With its angled design, the angle post protector is made to divert the force of an impact to either side of the frame, protecting it from front impact damage.

Most commonly used with pallet racking systems, like all of our racking protection items, Macrack’s angle post protectors come standard in a bright orange colour to increase visibility and further reduce the risk of racking damage as a result of a collision.

Rack Bollards

Our rack bollards are sturdy, steel posts that are fixed to the ground directly in front of the racking frames and are also attached to the front of the rack. These bollards are designed to take the full force of a front impact in the event of a vehicle collision, preventing damage to the racking frame behind the bollard.

Rack bollards are most commonly used with drive in racking as they are at a higher risk of front impact damage to other types of racking. This is due to the fact that forklifts can be driven right into drive in racks, increasing the risk of a head on collision.

Frame End Impact

Light Duty Frame End Guard

Light duty frame end guards are built to protect racking ends from impacts made by light machinery. Providing protection from passing traffic as well as vehicles turning into the aisles, installing a light duty frame end guard will significantly reduce the risk of end damage to your racking system.

This racking protection item is most suitable for use in warehouses with light-duty material handling equipment such as walkie stackers and small forklifts.

Heavy Duty Frame End Guard

Serving the same purpose as a light duty frame end guard, our heavy duty frame end guards are made for use in harsher environments where heavy duty machinery is operated. Our heavy duty frame end guards will deflect the impact from the frame end of the rack to protect from structural damage.

Frame Corner Impact

Corner Post Protector

The corner of a pallet racking system is where damage is most likely to occur as a result of forklift operators taking corners too quickly or underestimating the size of their load while entering or exiting an aisle.

Corner post protectors are a standalone unit that is secured directly to the ground with no attachment to the racks. This allows the corner post protector to absorb the force of an impact without transferring it to the racking frame.

Guide Rail

Drive In Floor Channel

Installing a drive in floor channel along the full length of each bay is the best way to get the greatest return on investment from your drive in racking system. Not only will the drive in floor channel help to guide forklifts into the system without catching on the frame, the front bollard included at the front of each frame will prevent impact damage from forklift collisions.

Narrow Aisle Guide Rail

Narrow aisle guide rails are used to facilitate easy navigation of material handling equipment through narrow aisles and are made to withstand heavy impact to protect the racks from damage. Macrack furniture racking and narrow aisle racking come standard with guide rails for added protection as well as corner guide rails for a smooth transition into the aisle.

Reliable Pallet Racking Protection Australia

With over 35 years of industry experience, Macrack are the experts when it comes to pallet racking. We offer a range of racking protection products to protect your warehouse racking, inventory, and staff. Call us today on 1800 048 821 for expert advice on pallet racking protection Brisbane and Australia wide.