The Best Way to Store Bulk Timber - Timber Storage Tips

The Best Way To Store Bulk Timber – Timber Storage Tips

When it comes to the timber storage, it is essential that products are stored in the correct conditions to prevent damage. In fact, improper storage conditions for timber can result in irreparable damage including warping, bowing, splitting, shrinking, discolouration, and decay. 

Conversely, ensuring that your timber products are stored correctly will improve product shelf life, reduce wastage, and preserve your bottom line.

The Best Way to Store Bulk Timber

Timber Storage Tips

Temperature & Humidity

When it comes to timber storage it’s important to manage the temperature and humidity of the storage area to prevent damage to the wood. This is because moisture, including excessive humidity can cause the wood to expand or warp. Thus, where possible, timber should be stored indoors in a cool, dry area.

When storing timber outdoors, ensure that it is stored off the ground and covered with waterproof sheeting at all times to protect from water damage and sunlight. You may also want to consider installing a canopy over the outdoor racks for added protection. Additionally, regularly remake loose stacks of timber to reduce the risk of damage to the outer layer.

Top Tip: Ensure that there is enough room under the waterproof sheeting to allow air circulation as this will prevent a buildup of moisture under the cover.

Stock Rotation

Another consideration when storing bulk amounts of timber is stock rotation. Regularly rotating new timber to the back of the racks will reduce wastage as older stock will be picked first.
Additionally, ensure that each rack is clearly labelled for improved organisation and product identification.

Storage Racks

Using storage racks that are specifically designed for the storage of timber will not only help to protect your stock from damage, it will also increase storage capacity while freeing up floor space. Additionally, storing your timber in a racking system will allow you to easily organise and display the stored timber for quick identification and retrieval.

There are two racking systems typically used for the storage of timber:

Cantilever Racking

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Cantilever racking is a versatile racking system designed for the horizontal storage of long items, such as timber. Horizontal storage is typically the best way to store timber as it reduces the risk of sagging or bowing as the weight of the wood is more evenly distributed.

Storing timber on a cantilever racking system reduces the risk of damage as there is less weight on the wood and more air circulation to preserve the condition of the timber. Additionally, cantilever racks can be designed to have as many or as little supporting arms as needed in order to prevent the wood from sagging and distortion.

A-Frame Racking

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A-Frame racking is a storage system designed for the vertical storage of long products, including timber. This is a great alternative to cantilever racks where space is limited as the vertical storage of timber frees up floor space.

An A-frame rack is ideal for storing timber that is hand picked as products stored in an A-frame rack are easily accessible. The raised shelving of the rack keeps timber off of the ground, reducing the risk of water damage while allowing ample air circulation. Additionally, the angled frame of an A-Frame racking system ensures that the stored product is supported from top to bottom in order to prevent distortion.

Quality Timber Storage Racks

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