What is Double Deep Racking?

What is Double Deep Racking?

what is double deep racking

Double deep pallet racking is essentially the same as selective pallet racking but is designed two pallets deep. This configuration creates a low-cost high-density storage system. High-density systems are ideal for storage areas that have low product differentiation. While this slightly reduces pallet availability, it helps to maximise the use of footprint by reducing the amount of space taken up by aisles. This system is used by a wide range of industries. Its suitability is determined by the number of pallets and the product differentiation in a storage area. Double deep racking is a Last In First Out system (LIFO). When a bay is loaded two deep only the front pallet is available for selection, to remove the rear pallet you must remove the front pallet first. As pallets remain stationary and you cannot drive into the system (pushback and drive-in), a forklift with extended tynes is required to load or remove the rear pallet.

Double deep racking also comes with the option of using pallet guides for added safety. Pallet guides are lengths of steel that run from the front of the rack all the way through to the back. This provides a guide for the pallets to travel down. Pallet guides increase safety and improve ease of picking by ensuring that the pallets are square and sitting properly on the racking system.

Key Advantages:

Increases the storage capacity of a warehouse by doubling up the storage capacity of each bay and reducing the number of aisles required compared to selective racking.
It is a low-cost high-density storage solution.
Systems can be installed back to back.

Equipment Required:

Reach fork truck with tynes that extend out to reach the depth of the second pallet.


This system suits a wide range of industries. Suitability is assessed by the number of pallets stored and by product differentiation. Common industries include:

What Can You Store on Double Deep Racking?

Palletised products and stillages.

The Macrack Product:

Our frames are made from pre-galvanised, cold-rolled steel that will never rust and our beams are made from roll-formed steel electrostatically coated in two layers of high-vis orange.

We are so confident in the quality of every racking system we produce that they each come with a lifetime guarantee. Don’t compromise on quality. With a MACRACK pallet racking system, you can have the peace of mind that your new pallet racking will stand the test of time.