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Looking to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse? MACRACK has the solution. MACRACK is a leading pallet racking manufacturer providing quality racking systems to warehouses Australia wide. Each system we produce is high quality and 100% Australian made. Our local Brisbane manufacturing facility allows us to provide custom racking designs and installations to the surrounding area including the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Some of the pallet racking systems we manufacture include:

Double Deep Pallet Racking Sunshine Coast

Double deep racking is a combination of high density and high accessibility storage. As the name suggests, double deep pallet racking is built with shelves that are double the depth of a standard racking system. This allows for the storage of two pallets in a single location. This also means that double deep racking is a LIFO (last in first out system). This system can have two racks configured back to back from maximum floor space.

Double deep pallet racking is ideal for the storage of product ranges with a moderate to low differentiation. This is because when a double deep system is filled to capacity, only 50% of the stored pallets are accessible. Because this is a LIFO system, it is generally not suitable for the storage of perishables or food items. Double deep racking is a great way to increase storage capacity in a warehouse that does not require full product accessibility or for the storage of multiple pallets of the same item.

Push back pallet racking is a high density pallet racking system that can be 2 – 10 pallets deep. In a push back racking system, Pallets are loaded and unloaded from moving carts that sit on a pair of inclined rails. This system uses the force of gravity combined with the angled rails to move the remaining pallets to the front of the system each time a pallet is removed.

This high density storage system only allows for access to the front pallet of each location and is ideal for the storage of low differentiation products. However, it does allow for a greater product differentiation than other high density systems such as drive in racking.

Push Back Racking
Racks Drive In Sunshine Coast

Drive in racking is another high density pallet racking system. This racking system maximises storage capacity by eliminating the need for aisles. Aisles are not necessary with drive in racking as you can drive a forklift straight into the racking system through empty locations as well as the system entry point. The ability to drive into the system allows for pallets to be picked not only from the front of the racking but also from locations further into the system (depending on how it has been set up). Drive in racking can also be configured to have a double entry allowing access from both sides of the rack.

Drive-in pallet racking is ideal for bulk storage of the same product or for storing product ranges with minimal product differentiation. With the option to adjust the height, depth and number of levels in the system to suit your warehouse, drive in racking can be used to optimise the storage space of any area including narrow corridors and other unconventional spaces. By eliminating aisles, drive in racking maximises the storage capacity of any space making it perfect for cold or freezer storage, where the cost of storage is high.

For a full list of the pallet racking systems we manufacture visit our pallet racking product page.

Quality Racking – Lifetime Guarantee

Our pallet racking systems are made with cold rolled, pre galvanised steel for frames that will never rust. Each racking system we build comes with a lifetime guarantee so that you can be just as confident as we are in the quality of your new racking system.

If you’re looking to increase storage capacity or improve productivity in your warehouse call MACRACK today on 1800 048 821. We provide quality design and installation services for pallet racking Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast wide.

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