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MACRACK have been designing and manufacturing quality pallet racking for Australian warehouses for over 30 years. That’s why many of Australia’s largest retailers trust MACRACK for their warehouse storage solutions including Harvey Norman, Arnotts and Mitre 10. With a manufacturing facility located on Brisbane Southside, we offer our local pallet racking design and installation services to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast.

Whether you need a storage solution that will provide you with full accessibility to your products or a way to increase the storage capacity in an unconventional space, MACRACK has the solution for you.

Some of the pallet racking systems we offer include:

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Selective Pallet Racking

This is the standard pallet racking system most commonly found in Australian warehouses. Selective pallet racking allows for the storage of one pallet in each location and can be customised to be as long or as tall as necessary. A selective pallet racking system can be configured to have two rows back to back to maximise storage space.

Selective pallet racking is ideal for the storage of products with a high differentiation as each pallet is individually accessible. This makes selective pallet racking the most user friendly, and easiest to locate certain pallets. Furthermore, it is by and large the most common form of pallet storage because of the practicality it allows, the versatility of the systems and economical factors.

Narrow Aisle Racking

Narrow aisle racking, or furniture racking, has larger shelves than a standard racking system and is generally also taller. The tall shelves of a narrow aisle racking system utilises the unused vertical space in a warehouse to increase storage capacity. As the name suggests, this racking system is configured to have narrower aisles than usual. Not only does this maximise floor space, it is also a safety precaution for pickers who are working at heights.

Narrow aisle racking is ideal for use in warehouses with high ceilings for the storage of oversized items such as furniture and other large products.

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The extra room afforded by the larger shelves allows for larger items to be stored correctly, reducing the risk of damage and increasing profitability. Much like selective pallet racking, it is a single item depth way of storing product which means all locations are readily accessible. This means that narrow aisle racking is capable of storing almost anything including furniture, food, perishables and high differentiation product ranges.

Raised Mezzanine Sunshine Coast

Raised Storage Area 

If you find yourself quickly running out of floor space in your warehouse, a raised storage area may be the solution for you. A raised storage area, or mezzanine floor, is a freestanding structure that is supported by existing shelving or pallet racking. Raised storage areas are a great alternative to relocating as they provide you with additional floor and storage space, without the cost and hassle of relocation.

Raised storage areas can also be built with multiple levels to further increase both floor and storage space. A raised storage area is ideal for use in warehouses that have high ceilings with unused vertical space. Raised storage areas can be fitted with your choice of pallet racking system to maximise storage and optimise your warehouse operations.

For our full description of each pallet racking system we manufacture visit our pallet racking product page.

Lifetime Guarantee

MACRACK build quality pallet racking systems that will stand the test of time. Our systems are made from quality Australian steel with cold-rolled, pre-galvanised frames that will never rust. We are so confident in the quality of the pallet racking we produce that each system comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be just as confident in your new system.


MACRACK can assist you with all your racking needs from design to installation. We offer a free warehouse design service where we can visit and measure your warehouse to create a warehouse design layout at no cost to you. Our Brisbane based manufacturing facility means that we can offer short lead times on pallet racking Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane wide. And with our pallet racking installation service you can rest assured that your new system will be installed correctly and to the highest standard so you can reap the benefits for years to come.

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