Steel Coil & Drum Racking

MACRACK’s steel coil racks provide easy storage for metal coil, industrial drums and any other cylindrical items you may have. Bulk industrial cylindrical storage has never been more convenient with our sturdy coil racking, keeping your product securely in place and easily accessed for more functional picking.

What is Drum Racking?

Drum racking, or coil racking, is a pallet-racking-derived system used to store industrial drums, metal coils, and other large cylindrical items. Unlike standard pallet racking, drum racking has the addition of cradles on the beams. Drums or coils are stored in these cradles to prevent them from moving or rolling, creating a safe work environment for your staff.

Industrial Drum Storage


These coil cradles are made from thick steel and designed to withstand large weight loads. After welding, they are then electrostatically painted in order to prevent rust and visually stand out, creating an easy pick face for warehouse staff and allowing bulk storage of coil or drums. The product on the cradles is designed to be held in with angled steel, almost like a wedge or chock. Even if you accidentally bump the product or the cradle, you can be sure it won’t budge!


Our versatile coil racking systems can be tailored to suit your warehouse and product. Whatever depth, width, height and number of levels you require, we can deliver a storage solution that suits your individual needs. Once we establish the weight and dimensions of your product, we can design a steel coil rack just for you.

We tailor solutions from 100kg through to 10,000kg per cradle, so if you have a product in that range, we can accommodate you! We will create a coil rack that suits your specific needs, whatever your product. If a light-duty cradle would suit, we can deliver, or if you need something a little more robust, one of our heavy-duty options will be perfect for you.

Steel Coil Rack

Floor-Mounted Coil Racking Systems

MACRACK also offers floor-mounted coil cradles. These are extremely robust and can withstand a great deal of weight, which is exactly what you need from ground-level storage. To prevent movement of the cradles, we dyna-bolt them to the ground, preventing them from being nudged or bumped by a forklift and causing damage to the rest of the racking system.

If you are storing steel coil, metal coil, industrial drums or other cylindrical items, let the experts at MACRACK create and manufacture a steel coil rack that works with you and your stock. Contact us today to discover your options. Call: 1800 048 821.

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