Storage Solutions For Manufacturing Case Study - QPP

Storage Solutions For Manufacturing Case Study – QPP

Quality Plastic Products

Quality Plastic Products are an Australian manufacturer of plastic pot plants and propagation tubes for wholesale nurseries. Using state of the art plastic injection mould equipment, they efficiently produce a vast range of pots, which sustains the demand Australia wide.

Being a manufacturer they can lead the way with customisation and product range. All you have to do is start exploring the colour choice on offer at QPP and it soon becomes apparent that this is a company that listens to their client’s needs and tailors their product to suit. No longer are good paying customers settling for the basic range, they are searching for new and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd, so if you aren’t ready to supply the customer with what they need (like QPP), you are going to fall behind.

Being a 100% Australian owned business since 1991, they put focus on sourcing everything they can from other Australian manufactures, not only for inherent quality purposes, but to help keep Australian manufacturing strong.

Storage Solutions for Manufacturing

Storing oversize pallets

Quality Plastic Products has a range of pallet sizes and heights, due the range of pot sizes they produce. When it comes to different levels throughout a racking system it can be detrimental to storage capacity because there is often non-utilised space throughout the system. This is especially the case when using drive in racks and having uniform levels throughout the system.

However, Macrack has addressed the problem very elegantly with a lock derived bracket. This allows each bay to be set at a different height. Which allows a wide variety of pallet heights to be stored throughout the racking system.

Deep Store Pallet Racking

Drive in racking

The Macrack Drive-in system is highly versatile, and suits any warehouse as well as any operational requirements. It is a metric of how many pallets high, how many pallets wide and how many pallets deep, all three parameters can be adjusted to suit.

Key Features include:

Heavy duty base plates are provided to enhance stability and post protection at base level.

Load beams can be adjusted at 76 mm increments.

Optional ‘Heavy duty’ or ‘Light Duty’ runners and floor guides.

Pallet stops are provided at the ends of each pallet runner.

deep store drive in racking quality plastic products

Warehouse LIFO Storage

Warehouse Pallet ‘Last In First Out’, is functional storage idea for business that product a large volume of product that is uniform in size. With this example, it’s the idea that majority of the pallets are 1 single size and are produced in bulk of slightly varying product lines.

This allows picking access of certain product lines rapidly and efficiently, when there is no concern for expiry of goods.

Australian Manufacturing

In recent years the marketplace in Australia has dramatically changed with trade agreements being reached, importers flooding markets, online shopping and a globally connected world.

However, when it comes to peace of mind, having a manufacturer in the same city as you is a reassurance that they have a quality product, and are confident in the product. The trouble with imported product is that you never know what you are getting until you open it up. With Australian made, you can explore or test the product before you commit to purchase.

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