Warehouse Racking For Liquids- Grove Juice Case Study

Warehouse Racking For Liquids- Grove Juice

We at Macrack build business relationships with our clients, having a trusted supplier-client partnership allows for growth, reliability, and support. Grove fruit juice, who is a neighbour of Macrack, has been building its business over the past 50 years, and Macrack has been building alongside it and growing with it at the same time. (50 years)

About Grove:

Grove Fruit Juice was established in Brisbane in 1969 as a specialised home delivery fruit juice business. Grove was one of the first companies in Queensland to commercially squeeze fresh oranges for direct consumption. Grove moved to its current location at Mansfield, Brisbane in 1990 after 21 years in its original Buranda factory. Grove ensured that only the best quality fruit was used, going through extensive washing, sorting and sanitising prior to being chilled and squeezed. The fruit was squeezed daily and bottled within hours.

Pallet Racking For Drinks Industry

In the post production side of Grove there is the finished goods, which in this case is bottled juice. Grove has various lines of juice (Orange, Apple, Mandarin, Pineapple, etc.) they sort their warehouse into lines of production as well as lines of distribution to the major supermarkets. They find that utilising a 3 deep Drive in Racking system allows for maximum storage as well as allowing for good division of product lines and distribution streams. Dividing 1-2 bays of drive in racking to an allocated distribution centre means that once a truck is at the dock ready to be loaded, it’s easy to pinpoint exactly what needs to go onto it, since it’s already picked into 1 or 2 bays.

IBC Storage & 44 Gallon Drum Storage

warehouse racking for liquids

With an industry heavily focused on liquid, there are obviously a lot of 44 Gallon drums and IBC that need to be stored. Often in pre production these are non-time sensitive additives, so the items are stored in regular selective pallet racking. It’s cheap, economical and easy to access.

The pallets of liquid that needs to be kept cold, are stored in drive in racking. This form of racking was chosen because it’s more efficient to have smaller cold rooms, where there is less energy required to keep it cold. Therefore a more compact and dense storage system works better.

Bulka Bag Storage

Production also requires raw dry goods to be stored, which come in the form of bulka bags. These bags range from 1000-1300 kg. Each bag is placed on an hardwood pallet for ease of storage.

Because the raw ingredients are universally the same, we chose to store it in drive in racks, which allows for a great deal of storage, with minimal space used. Essentially storing a large number of pallets deep, wide and high. This storage system compartmentalises all raw goods into one area allowing for segregation of goods and prevents ingredients being mixed up.

Australian Made Pallet Racking – Lifetime Guarantee

Macrack has provided Grove Juice and countless other Australian businesses with high quality storage solutions designed to suit their needs. Each pallet racking system we manufacture is built with frames of pre-galvanised steel for frames that will never rust, and we stand behind the quality of our racking with a lifetime guarantee.

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If you’re looking for a durable industrial storage system made with quality Australian steel, Macrack has the solution. Call us today on 1800 048 821 and ask about our free quote and warehouse design offer.