How To Extend The Lifetime Of Your Pallet Racking System

How To Extend The Life Of Your Pallet Racking System

How To Extend The Lifetime Of Your Pallet Racking system

Pallet racking is the backbone of any warehouse. It can be used to maximise storage capacity, boost productivity, and improve your warehouse operations. However, much like any other storage equipment, pallet racking requires regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure that it remains safe to use and in good working condition.

Racking can vary in quality as there are many different brands available built with materials and to different standards, so it is important to do everything you can to extend the lifetime of your racking system, from using racking protection products to conducting regular rack inspections.

If you want a racking system that is quality made and durable, choose MACRACK pallet racking. Our racking is made using pre galvanised steel,for frames that will never rust. Plus, we offer a lifetime guarantee on each rack we produce so you can rest assured that our racks are built to last.

How to extend the life of your pallet racking system?

Extend The Life Of Your Pallet Racking

Use Racking Protection

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The obvious answer to extending the life of your pallet racking system is to use racking protection. Racking protection is designed to protect the most vulnerable areas of the racking system from common forms of damage, such as forklift collisions.

Pallet racking systems are built to be durable and withstand the harsh environment of a warehouse. But, no matter how durable your racks are, they will always be at risk of damage from forklift collisions. Racking protection is designed to absorb the impact from a forklift collision. Without this protection, even a low speed collision can cause structural damage to the rack that could potentially result in a racking collapse. Not only will a racking collapse cost your business in lost time, stock, and equipment repairs, it can also cause serious injury and even death.

Conversely, rack protection can prevent a system collapse and increase the lifespan of the racking. Plus, a rack bollard or angle post protector is much cheaper and easier to replace than an entire rack.

MACRACK has a range of quality racking protection products available that will extend the life of your racking system. Click here for an in depth look at each of our warehouse protection products.

Use Racks Correctly

Another common cause of damage to racks is when they are used or installed in a way that goes against the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It’s important that anyone using the racks is well aware of the correct weight loads for the system. To reduce the risk of overloading that can cause damage to your racks, ensure that the correct weight loading signs, supplied by the manufacturer, are displayed on each rack.

Note: According to the Australian Standards for steel storage racking, only the manufacturer is permitted to supply the correct weight load capacity for each rack.

It is also important to note that beam capacities are provided for evenly distributed loads, so loading your racks with damaged pallets or high density loads can compromise the beam loading. Additionally, any modifications such as changing the space between levels or number of levels can change the upright frame capacity.

Equipment Training

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As forklift collisions are a leading cause of damage to pallet racking, ensuring that your workforce is adequately, and frequently, trained in how to correctly use manual handling equipment can extend the lifespan of your pallet racking system.

Your team should also be trained to report any accidents or collisions as, although damage may look superficial, any collision can potentially compromise the structural integrity of the system and should be immediately investigated.

Allow Enough Aisle Space

Most forklift manufacturers will supply a ‘minimum aisle space’ measurement for each forklift. However, when calculating how much aisle space to leave it is important to take into account the experience and skill of your forklift drivers as well as pallet overhang. For example, the minimum required space may not be wide enough for an inexperienced forklift driver to navigate.

Minimising aisle space is a great way to maximise the storage capacity of your warehouse. However, allowing for more generously spaced aisles will minimise the risk of forklift collisions and extend the lifespan of your racking, so it important to find the right balance. And it’s much more cost effective to take these factors into consideration when installing your racking than having to reconfigure the racks after the fact.

Regular Racking Inspections

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Finally, one of the most surefire ways to extend the lifespan of your racking system is through regular rack safety inspections. In fact, Australian Standards for steel storage racking require all racking systems to be inspected annually.

Carrying out regular and thorough racking inspections will ensure that any damage to the racks is identified and repaired before it can become a larger issue.

MACRACK offers thorough pallet racking inspections including a detailed report of damage, hazards, brands, design, and other issues from as little as $350 plus GST. A small price to pay to prevent a rack collapse that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in damaged stock, lost time, and even worker injuries.

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