Hints for buying pallet racking - What you need to know.

Hints for Buying Pallet Racking

If you are looking to expand & store some more product, open up a new warehouse. Here are some handy hints to buying pallet racking before your start.

  1. Understand your product. Not everyone has the same product. Look at the dimensions of your product (length, width, height), and also the weight of the product.
  2. What Storage system is right for you? Pallet racking is the most common form of warehouse storage, but if your product doesn’t suit this application there are many alternatives that your can look into, such as; Cantilever, Mezzanine Floors, Drive in, A-Frame, Cable Rack, Coil Rack,
  3. Understand your warehouse. The biggest restriction you have is your warehouse, you must work within your warehouse to achieve your storage goals. Do you need a staging/ packing area? Is your product fast or slow moving? Don’t forget your forklift and the aisle space that needs.
  4. Imported racking dangers. Imported racking may be cheap, but it’s cheap for a reason. Ever seen a you tube video of racking falling down? Don’t let that be your warehouse.
  5. Do you fit in that pigeon hole? You will often try to be sold the basic racking system, this system may work for some, but not everyone… make sure you are getting what YOU need, not what is convenient.
  6. Staff. Have you asked the staff on the floor what works best? What is an efficient work flow through the area? Are they likely to damage the racking?
  7. Time restraints . Do you need this now? Planning is the key to good project management. Macrack has a very short lead time because they are the manufacturers.
  8. Cost. Cost isn’t everything! In a world where Workplace health and safety is strictly enforced, you want to know you can trust the racking, so buy Australian made.

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hints for buying pallet racking