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Pallet Racking Mackay

pallet racking mackay

Whether you need a custom pallet flow rack for autonomous product rotation or a narrow aisle racking system to reduce the risk of damage when storing large products, MACRACK has got you covered. No matter what your product range or space restrictions are, our experienced racking specialists will come up with the perfect storage solution for your needs.

Although we offer quality storage solutions Australia wide, our Queensland based manufacturing facility allows us to offer competitively priced pallet racking Mackay and Queensland wide, including installation. Call MACRACK today for quality, Australian made racking with a lifetime guarantee.

Pallet Flow Racking Mackay

Pallet flow racking is a high density storage system. It is made with industrial poly track installed on top of incrementally lowered horizontal beams to form an inclined track for pallets to be stored on. The incline of the tracks combined with the rollers of the poly track allows pallets to automatically “flow” towards the front of the system when loaded into the back.

Pallet Flow Racking Mackay

The automatic product rotation of a pallet flow rack makes it a FIFO (first in, first out) storage system. This means that the first pallet loaded into the back of the system in each lane will also be the first pallet to be unloaded from the front. As pallets are automatically rotated to the front of the system, pallet flow racking negates the need for aisles. This means that with a single aisle at the front and back of the system, the majority of your floor space will be used for product storage.

Additionally, pallet flow racking streamlines warehouse operations and reduces forklift travel time as pallets are loaded from one side and unloaded from the other, rather than having to travel across the whole warehouse to pick individual products. This also reduces the risk of forklift collisions and simplifies traffic flow to reduce hazards in the warehouse.

Narrow Aisle Racking Mackay

Narrow aisle racking, also known as furniture racking, is similar to a standard pallet racking system, however, the shelves are much larger to accommodate the storage of furniture and other large products. Additionally, as the name suggests, narrow aisle racking has narrower aisles than standard racking in order to maximise the floor space used for product storage.

Narrow Aisles Racking Mackay

The narrow aisles of furniture racking are also a safety precaution. Because narrow aisle racking systems can be built as high as you require, warehouse workers will be frequently going up and down in the stock picker to load and unload shelves. This means that there is a potential risk of falling. To reduce the risk of injury from falling, the aisles on a narrow aisle racking system are measured and designed to provide protection on either side of the picker.

Narrow aisle racking is ideal for the storage of larger items as the increased shelf space allows large items to be stored correctly in order to reduce the risk of product damage during storage.

As the aisles of a furniture racking system are so narrow, there is a higher risk of damage to the racking system from the picking equipment. However, MACRACK include a guide rail on every furniture rack we manufacture to prevent accidental damage from the stock picker.

We offer a wide range of racking systems for every storage solution. For more information on any of our other storage systems visit the links below:

Raised Storage Area Mackay

A raised storage area (also known as a warehouse mezzanine floor) is a pallet racking derived system that can be used to more than double the floor space and storage capacity of a warehouse. A raised storage area is a great option to increase storage capacity as you are essentially building a second shop floor above your existing racking system.

Warehouse Mezzanine Floors Ipswich

By utilizing the unused air space that you already have you can save your business the cost and inconvenience involved in relocating warehouses. Click here to see how MACRACK built a tailor made, four-level raised storage area to increase NIOA’s floor space by the equivalent of three football fields.

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, MACRACK is the number on choice for pallet racking Australia. For quality you can trust backed up by a lifetime guarantee call us today on 1800 048 821.

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