Pallet Racking Rockhampton

pallet racking rockhampton

If you’re looking for a quality made storage solution or pallet racking system that will stand the test of time, choose MACRACK pallet racking. Each of our racking systems are made with quality Australian steel and pre-galvanised frames that will never rust. In fact, we are so sure of the quality of our products that each racking system we manufacture comes with a lifetime guarantee. And our long history of creating quality storage solutions for satisfied customers over the past 30 years speaks for itself.

MACRACK pallet racking and storage systems are available Australia wide and manufactured locally in our Brisbane manufacturing facility. We also have highly trained installers across the country in order to ensure quality racking installations nationwide. For high quality pallet racking Rockhampton and Australia wide call MACRACK today on 1800 048 821.

Push Back Racking Rockhampton

Push back pallet racking is a highly customisable pallet racking system that can be designed to suit your storage needs. This system can be made to be anywhere from 2 to 10 pallets deep depending on your requirements.

In a push back racking system, each location has a pair of inclined rails upon which sits a set of moving carriages. There is one less carriage than pallet locations (so in a 4 pallet deep system there are only 3 carriages). Once each carriage has been loaded with a pallet, the final pallet is loaded straight onto the rails.

Push Back Racking Rockhampton

As a pallet is removed from a push back racking system, the remaining pallets in that lane automatically move to the front of the system. This is because the pallets are sitting on inclined rails allowing the force of gravity to push the remaining pallets forward. This means that, although push back racking is a high density storage system, it can be loaded and unloaded using a standard forklift due to the fact that if there is more than one pallet stored in a location, as the pallet at the front is unloaded the remaining pallets are automatically rotated towards the front of the system.

Longspan Shelving Rockhampton

Longspan shelving is ideal for the storage of smaller products, particularly in hand-picking warehouses. It is a highly customisable storage system that uses shared frames, adding the next bay of shelving onto the previous frame. As the name suggests, long span shelving has the capacity to span a great length.

Longspan shelving typically uses mesh decks that are dropped into the beam for a level surface, however, board can also be used as shelves when required. Additionally, multiple shelves can be used in each bay to fit the specific requirements of your product range. With a shelf weight capacity of up to 400 kg (UDL), longspan shelving is a versatile storage system that can be designed to suit a wide range of warehouses and product ranges.

Longspan Shelving Rockhampton

We offer a wide range of racking systems for every storage solution. For more information on any of our other storage systems visit the links below:

Raised Storage Area Rockhampton

Everyone knows that before relocating your entire warehouse, it’s important to make sure that you have completely maximised the storage capacity of your existing space. However, many warehouse managers only take this as far as using every inch of floor space, even when there is a lot of unused air space, already paid for, that is going to waste.

A raised storage area, also known as a warehouse mezzanine floor, is the perfect way to take advantage of the unused space above your racking system. It is a pallet racking derived, free standing structure that can be used to create an additional level of storage above an existing racking or shelving system.

Raised Storage Area Rockhampton

If you’re running out of storage space in your warehouse, or looking to streamline your warehouse operations, MACRACK has the solution. Call 1800 048 821 today to speak with one of our racking specialists about the best way to maximise storage in your warehouse.

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