Product Catalogue - MACRACK Pallet Racking & Storage Solutions

Product Catalogue – MACRACK

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[Pallet racking is the most common form of industrial storage system in use today. However, you are not limited to using this in your warehouse. MACRACK are specialists in manufacturing various storage systems including:

Raised Storage Areas:

Raised storage areas can double or triple your floor area. They are greatly customisable to suit your needs and are fully engineered and built for absolute safety. They come complete with staircases, handrails, and pallet gates.

Narrow Aisle Racking:

Narrow aisle racking systems require an order picker fork truck. They are best used in storing furniture, archive boxes, and materials that need manual handling.

Heavy Duty Shelving:

MACRACK provides heavy duty shelving systems using a rack-style upright providing an exceptionally robust unit. There is no bolting required, and the shelf levels are easy to move.

Drive In Racking:

Drive in racking is a great solution for high density bulk storage. Drive in racks are best suited for storage of similar products.

A-Frame Racking:

A-frame racks are designed for long, flexible products such as conduits, mouldings and other extrusions.

Cantilever Racking:

Cantilever racking is ideal for storing long, irregular, or awkward shaped products such as timber, board, and extrusions.

Security Cages:

If you need extra security in your racking systems we can install secure caged areas to help prevent theft.


MACRACK stillages are individually designed and manufactured to ensure ease of transportation, and storage of your particular products.

Ready to get started? Contact MACRACK and we’ll help you design the warehouse that best suits your product and operations.]


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MACRACK has been providing Australian businesses with quality made pallet racking systems for over 30 years. Our customisable storage solutions are manufactured locally, built with Australian steel, and comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured that MACRACK pallet racking is built to last. Whether you’re looking to maximise the storage space in your warehouse or you need a pallet racking safety inspection, MACRACK has got you covered. Call us today on 1800 048 821 and ask about our free quote and warehouse design offer.


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