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Warehouse Raised Storage Areas Sydney

warehouse raised storage areas sydney

Macrack has been manufacturing quality, Australian made and customised warehouse storage solutions in Australia for over 35 years, including raised storage areas. Our raised storage areas are built locally, meaning you won’t have to wait months for your new system to be imported.

Additionally, we have an extensive network of qualified installers in every major capital city of Australia to provide professional raised storage area installations Sydney and Australia wide. Whether you have a hand picking warehouse storing small items, or a larger, bulkier inventory of palletised products, our warehouse raised storage areas can be customised to suit your needs.

Call us today on 1800 048 821 for a free quote and warehouse design plan and find out how a raised storage area can work for your warehouse.

Raised Storage Areas Sydney

A raised storage area (sometimes referred to as a warehouse mezzanine floor), is a free-standing structure that can be used to significantly increase floor and storage space in your warehouse without costly renovations or relocations.

Macrack offers pallet racking based raised storage areas for an affordable way to increase floor space and storage capacity in your warehouse. Manufactured locally, our quality raised storage areas are available Sydney and Australia wide, and can be customised to suit the needs of your products and space.

Our raised storage areas are compatible with a range of storage systems including pallet racking and industrial shelving to ensure that every inch of your warehouse is optimised to increase storage and productivity.

Macrack manufactures durable raised storage areas, made with high quality materials and Australian steel. We also use frames of pre-galvanised steel that will never rust so you can rest assured that they are built to last.

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Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Brisbane

Raised Storage Area Installation Sydney

As a freestanding structure, our expert installers can disassemble and relocate your raised storage area if you move to a new facility. This ensures that you will continue to benefit from the additional space and storage our raised storage areas provide as your business grows and evolves.

Based in Brisbane, Macrack offers quality made and even customised raised storage areas with short lead times Sydney and Australia wide. For more information call 1800 048 821 and ask about our free warehouse design offer.

Multi-Level / Multi-Tier Pallet Racking Based Raised Storage Areas Sydney

We also offer multi-tier raised storage areas to further increase the floor and storage space in your warehouse, making use of any unused vertical space above your existing storage system. In fact, click here to read about how we designed and installed a 4 level raised storage area for NIOA, increasing their floor space by the equivalent of an extra 3 football fields. For this system, each level of storage was designed individually based on their requirements for walkways, access ways, lighting, gates, fire sprinklers, number of shelves per bay, and other factors.

Whether you’re looking to simply create another level of storage in your warehouse or you want a customised multi-level raised storage area like NIOA, Macrack has the solution.

Talk to one of our racking specialists today for expert advice on using a warehouse raised storage area to maximise storage space in your Sydney warehouse. Call 1800 048 821 for a free quote and warehouse design.

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