Food Warehouse Storage Drive In Racking Case Study - Vege Chip

Food Warehouse Storage Drive In Racking – Vege Chip

Have you had Vege Chips before? If you have had them you will know just how good they are, if you haven’t, stop everything and go get some! You will be able to get them in almost every supermarket and local shop Australia wide. Pretty good considering that Vege Chip only started up in 1990.

Food Warehouse Storage Drive In RackingThe Vege Chip Company is the leader in producing Gluten Free chips Australia wide and they were gluten free before it was cool.

The factory is an exclusively gluten free facility and our products are free from nuts, eggs, soy, petrochemicals, MSG, flavor enhancers, artificial colors, artificial preservatives. Strict quality and food safety procedures are in place to ensure you get the best tasting chips on the planet.

Gluten free racking

You can imagine how hard it was to keep the boys working here when they delicious smell of chips is wafting in the air. Never the less Macrack pushed on and installed a really space efficient drive in rack for Vege Chip, allowing them to store bulk raw goods and finished goods in the same warehouse. This drive in racking was the perfect fit because they produce large qty’s of same flavoured chips and these are to be bulk stored ready for despatch.

The nature of the product means that drive in racking suits them like a nice wine suits a meal and this has allowed Vege Chip to increase their stock and production in order to keep up with demands.

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Macrack – Lite

A pallet of chips, as you can imagine, is very light weight. Therefore Macrack was able to come up with an economical solution that was specifically for their product. Using lighter rated beams Macrack was able to save them money whilst still storing pallets safely correctly.

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New flavour racking

The pallet racking we were installing for Vege Chip seemed to be installed a little slower on days when BBQ flavour was being rolled out. Every manufacturer needs pallet racking and Vege Chip are certainly not the exception. In their ultra clean production facility they have pallet racking to store their packaging, flavouring ingredients, raw ingredients and bits of machinery and misc goods.

Drive In Racking

Our professional installation crew, made sure to keep up to the high standards of cleanliness that is required in a food facility, including clean-up of works, personal hygiene,

The Vege Story:

The Vege Chip brand started it’s amazing journey to success over 25 years ago, debuting as a “healthy alternative” snack and was sold at the local Gold Coast & Byron Bay markets, eventually culminating in Australia wide distribution to all major supermarkets in Australia. We also distribute internationally. Today the Vege Chip Company has become a household name for healthy snacks. We have been a trusted Australian healthy snack food company since 1990.LIFO Racking NSW

In 1990 our original line of Vege Chip snacks were produced out of a small commercial kitchen and were very well received by our first customers, who fast became fans of our tasty snacks which helped The Vege Chip Company expand into a fully-fledged national snack brand. In 2001 our brand new snack factory was opened at Currumbin on the Gold Coast with all the modern machinery needed to accurately produce carton after carton of tasty snacks.