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Extrusion Racking Made Easier at Crimsafe


Macrack has teamed up with Crimsafe in order to address a specific gap in the market, just like Crimsafe did in 1996 when they first revolutionised the security market, Macrack is now changing how A-frame racks should be made.

The Crimsafe product was originally established to address a need for home security, without the intrusive appearance of bars and grilles. Introducing woven stainless steel mesh which would be incredibly strong as well as fulfil the role of security and insect screening.

Working with ‘Australian Stainless Steel Development Assoication’, Crimsafe developed a high tensile woven stainless steel mesh, gripped by a unique system that screwed through the mesh and into the frame.

The End result was a strong, yet extremely versatile security screen that provides good airflow, visibility and a streamlined appearance that enhances the look of your home.

Extrusion Racking Australia Brisbane

Extrusion Racking

The large amount of tracks and extrusion used by Crimsafe, requires careful storage, yet is still readily accessible by warehouse staff. It’s for this reason that Macrack offered an A-frame system which is specifically designed for metal& timber extrusions as well as other long products.

Standing a product on its end allows mass storage of extrusion with the option to easily separate it into its own smaller lots (colour, variety, brand etc). Because the main body of the product is not taking up floor space, as it would if you laid it horizontal, this storage method is very efficient.

Frames That Will Never Rust

NEW platform A-Frame Racking

The clients brief was as follows:

‘I want to be able to count stock easily, having to carry out stock-take from ground level is difficult because the extrusions form one big bundle. If we could look at the end of the pack without taking up more floor space, this wouldn’t be an issue.’

With this brief in mind MACRACK set out to develop a solution that would solve this issue.

We have developed the ‘Platform A-frame’:

Extrusion Rack manufacturer brisbane

By introducing a platform into the system, staff can walk down the middle of the a-frame rack and get a birds eye view of the stock. This allows simple and easy counting of stock, because you can count off the number of end profiles, without having to sort through them on ground level.

With minimal changes to the actual design of the rack, it’s has been easy to change one parameter and create a whole new way of thinking, to make the design more practical and functional for staff, without having to detract from the systems advantages.

The platform is made to allow a single person to easily move back and forth along the rack, surrounded by hand rail, and with pre-galvanised expanded mesh planks as flooring. The whole system is extremely strong and robust, and built to last.

Safety in Design

Extrusion Racks QLD

To further increase the safety of the design we have incorporated a self-closing swing gate, which operates as a further safety measure, to anyone accessing the platform.

Macrack strive to be leaders in design and engineering, and staff safety was the core principle around designing this system. Each stage of product development we asked ourselves, If this user friendly, and is it safe? We focus on these issues so the client doesn’t have to.




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