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Increase Warehouse Capacity with Drive-In Racking

Drive-In Racking Brisbane & QLD

Do you need to increase warehouse capacity? Drive in racking is commonly used as a high density storage solution. Often when a warehouse stores many pallets of the same item this is the best solution, because this racking system revolves around the LIFO (Last In First Out). Unlike conventional pallet racking this system stores pallets on runners that can be many pallets deep and, as the name suggests, your forklift can ‘drive-in’. With this system you can also store on many different levels, yet still access the back pallets on the bottom levels without disturbing the levels above you… YES, you can drive under your product.

Macrack has expert experience in designing and manufacturing Drive In Racking, based on your requirements. We supply drive in racking at a affordable price because we manufacture in Brisbane which allows us to keep costs down as these systems often require customisation. In saying that we are very flexible with our configurations regarding number of levels, depth, pallet widths etc, as we can tailor product to suit. If you think a drive in racking solution is correct for your business, give Macrack a call. We supply Australia wide, manufacture in Queensland, and fully conform to the industry standard AS4084:2012.

Increase Warehouse Capacity with Drive-In Racking

Macrack excels in Drive-In Racking because we can FULLY CUSTOMISE in our production! We manufacture right here in Brisbane and supply Australia wide, which allows us to be very flexible in our designs. If you have an odd size pallet, non-standard fork lift, or want something a little different to the norm, we can help you. On the other hand we do produce a standard drive-in system that allows us to keep our costs down, enabling us to be very competitive on price and cheap compared to other companies who sell imported racking systems. We can also supply a constant supply of spare parts ‘on demand’.

If you are looking for Australian made drive in racking, whether it be QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, SA, WA, NT give Macrack a call. We are happy to help you and your business expand. 1800 048 821

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