Warehouse relocations made easy & simple using MACRACK.

Tristar – Warehouse Relocation

Tristar Australia Pty Ltd manufactures high quality fasteners for the  energy, mining and infrastructure  sectors in Australia. We have been working with them over the years to help expand and grow their business. Each year they add a bit more racking into their warehouse, until they realised that they needed to move because there was no more room in that warehouse left to grow.

Macrack project managed the warehouse relocation on their behalf, relocating all their racking from their Slacks Creek facility to a larger warehouse at Crestmead. Unlike the last warehouse, where they added bit by bit, this warehouse was fully designed to maximise storage of their product. We sat down with the client and discussed work flow, space optimisation, product turn over space, mechanical handling equipment used and most importantly how to reuse the existing racking.

We came up with a great layout that addressed all the issues and would give them more storage capacity, a simple yet effective warehouse flow, utilised all their old racking and fully recertified it to the latest standards AS4084 2012.  No longer did they have problems with storing product on the floor, or having a place to store their daily runs. In fact they actually had spare space, even with spreading their product out.

When the warehouse relocation was fully complete Tristar received great news that they had just won a new contract which meant they would have to expand again. Not expand a little bit, they have to double in size. Luckily for them Macrack is here to help again and together we are designing plans for a new warehouse across the road.

The storage systems we utilised were;

Pallet racking

This was used for their finished items that were boxed and stacked on pallets waiting dispatch. The pallet rack beams took 2000kg UDL to match with their 1000Kg Pallets.

Warehouse Racking

Heavy duty shelving

By putting mesh decks on their pallet racking they were able to store boxes of product without the need for having them on pallets. This was great for small one off order and picking areas.

Cantilever racks

Macrack has designed and installed a cantilever racking system for Tristar to store their metal extrusions such as cable trays, punched RHS, rods and threaded rods.

Warehouse Relocations Extrusion Rack

Selective racks with fork entry bars

To maximise the storage capacity they have used long beams with fork entry bars to store 3m lengths of threaded rod. This storage solution allows both forklift access and to be able to pick, whilst having a good depth to spread product out.

Rod Racking

Being “manufactures TOP QUALITY Corrosion Resistant Products to the worldwide Energy, Petrochemical & Infrastructure sectors”, Tristar knows quality when they see it. That’s why they chose Macrack because the quality of our racks is truly great, that’s why we carry a lifetime warranty. We are 100% Australian made pallet racking and supporting the Australian manufacturing industry.
Our success survives on giving our client what they need, and focusing on solutions not problems when it comes to warehouse storage. If you need help with a warehouse relocation or want to talk to the racking experts, call Macrack on 1800 048 821.