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Vertical Storage Racking Brisbane & Australia

Vertical Storage Racking Brisbane AustraliaA-Frame Racking

A-Frame racking is a storage system that is designed specifically for long product that can stand on its end. Items such as Conduit, Mouldings, Extrusions, Decking and other long items. Vertical storage racking allows you to quickly and easily access numerous parts at ground level, therefore picking and sorting items becomes an efficient method of manual handling.

A-Frame Rack VIC A-Frame Rack QLD conduit rack

Warehouse Storage systems need to be tailored to suit specific items being stored and this is the best solutions for long items. Our system also comes with Label bar at the front of the rack allowing you to easily visualise what product code or items you are accessing. Mix this with dividing arms to create separations within the system and your warehouse will quickly become streamlined and organised.

We tailor make A-frame racks to suit out clients needs. The most popular sizes are 5030mm high to store very long product, and 2743mm high to store 2-4m product easily. There is also the option of Single Sided A-frame and Double Sided A-frame, once again it depends on how you want your warehouse to work. If you need a custom storage solution, give us a call to pick our brains, we are happy to help and don’t charge extra for custom solutions, we would much rather have our clients walk away satisfied with the Racking System then get an imported option that doesn’t suit their needs.

Macrack is a client based supplier of racking and storage systems. We focus on warehouse storage and the storage of large bulk items. We are 100% Australian owned and still make our product in Brisbane… even after 30 years we are going strong and that’s because of our satisfied client base. If you have a warehouse and you need extra storage, we are happy to help. We don’t charge design fees, we give free advice and we are 100% up to the latest standards. Just in case you don’t believe us, ask anyone else who offers a lifetime guarantee on their racking systems! Contact Macrack today.