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Warehouse Racking Safety Inspection

warehouse racking safety inspection

Macrack Rack Safety Audit

Are you due for a warehouse racking safety inspection? Under Australian Standards AS4084-2023 (Section 8), Inspections of steel storage racking should be carried out on a regular basis, and at least once every twelve months. This is the responsibility of the end user (THAT’S YOU!). When Workplace Health and Safety come into your warehouse you can rest assured that your racking is up to scratch if you get a MACRACK Rack Safety Audit, otherwise you might be in for a nasty shock.

MACRACK is happy to carry out warehouse racking inspections and audits as part of its post sale servicing and we do it regularly with minimal cost and maximum feedback.

Weight Loads, How much can your rack take?

We are able to give you weight loading signs for currently listed MACRACK products and make sure your racking is safe to use. Maid whiz or other steel storage manufacturers are not permitted to give weight loadings signs on MACRACK racking. Within the standards AS4084-2023 only manufacturers are able to give weight load capacity on your product. So don’t wait and don’t get caught out, ONLY MACRACK authorised inspectors are permitted to give MACRACK weight loadings and signs.

Download the SWL Determining Features PDF, fill it out and send it back to us (don’t forget the photos!) and we can organise full certification of your rack!

Caution! Cowboy Inspectors

Cowboys are everywhere and we are constantly fixing up the mess they make for Australian warehouse owners. Independent auditors or other steel storage suppliers are NOT authorised to give weight loading signs on MACRACK racking. Only MACRACK authorised inspectors are permitted to give MACRACK safe weight loading signs . If someone walks in off the street, don’t fall for the scare campaign! Give us a quick call to check if you have any doubts.

2ND Hand Racking

Don’t assume that because you can get second hand, that it’s going to be cheaper. We often see people being quoted 2nd hand for the same price as new. And don’t forget 2nd hand versions may need to be upgraded to the new standard, did you think about that? Why risk buying a lemon?

So what’s the harm in getting a second price?

If you have bought racking second hand, it is best to contact the manufacturer to make sure that it’s all up to scratch and can be certified. If you don’t know what brand it is contact us and we can help you determine what it is.