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The Best Option For High Density Warehouse Storage

With so many options for warehouse storage, it can be difficult to know which type of pallet racking is best for your space and inventory. If you’re looking for a pallet racking system that will maximise the storage capacity of your warehouse, a high density storage system is usually the way to go.

In fact, by utilising every inch of space in a warehouse, including floor space and unused air space, a high density racking system can eliminate the need for relocation, expansion, or off-site storage. These systems are particularly useful for warehouses with cold room or freezer storage where space may be limited and costly.

There are a number of high density storage systems available designed to maximise storage and increase warehouse productivity including drive in racking and pallet flow racking.

Drive In Racking

The Best Option For High Density Warehouse Storage

Drive in pallet racking is a versatile, high density storage system that can be custom made to fit your warehouse and product range.

Unlike other pallet racking systems, drive in racks negate the need for aisles as forklifts can be driven into the racking to pick pallets from any level and depth within the system. This means that the floor space in your warehouse can be used to maximise the number of pallets stored, rather than having to set aside unused floor space as aisles.

Drive in racks have a number of uses, from transforming unused corridors and confined areas into useful storage areas, to maximising the storage capacity of cold rooms and freezers where every inch of floor space counts.

Macrack manufactures high quality drive in racks that can be customised in height, depth, and length in order to make the most of any warehouse. Additionally, we offer drive in pallet racking in a double entry configuration allowing pallets to be accessed from either side of the rack. This is especially useful for delivery and despatch as pallets can be stored in ‘daily runs’ and intake’ to maximise productivity.

As drive in racks require the manual handling equipment to drive in and out of the racks to load and unload pallets, the risk of damage to the racking system is increased. However, Macrack drive in pallet racks are built to last, with a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, we offer a wide range of racking protection products to protect your racks and inventory.

Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet Flow Racking Brisbane

Another high density storage solution is pallet flow racking. A pallet flow racking system provides the added benefit of automated stock rotation. This is achieved by loading pallets into the back of the system onto an industrial poly track set on incrementally lowered beams. This allows the pallets to easily slide towards the front of the system where they will be unloaded.

Similar to drive in racks, pallet flow racking systems do not require aisles as pallets are automatically rotated to the front of the system for picking. This means that all of the available floor space can be used for pallet storage.

Additionally, as stock is automatically rotated in a pallet flow rack, it is a FIFO (first in, first out) system. This means that pallet flow racking is suitable for the storage of a wide range of inventories including perishables and other products with a limited shelf life.

Macrack manufactures quality pallet flow racking systems at our local Brisbane manufacturing facility. This allows us to provide our customers with short lead times, as well as ongoing support through supplying additional racking when needed and assisting in warehouse relocations. Our pallet flow racks are customisable in three directions to make the most of your warehouse and maximise the number of pallets you can store.

Customised Warehouse Storage Solutions

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If you’re looking for a high density storage system to maximise the storage capacity of your warehouse, Macrack has the solution. In addition to drive in racks and pallet flow racks, we offer a wide range of standard and specialised storage solutions suitable for any warehouse or product range. Plus each of our racks come with a lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured that Macrack pallet racking is built to last.

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